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Most Notable Achievement Essay

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While I'm young to be summarizing my life achievements, my most notable one to date was surviving the 1996 National Junior Olympics. I've been a runner since junior high school and quickly discovered it was my passion. I'm strictly a speed demon, lacking the diversified talents to jump hurdles, throw a shot put or run an obstacle course. My track coach, Mr. Grayson, decided it was better to just let me run, amazed that I did it faster and steadier than the other 12-14 year olds in my school.Prior to 1996, I had competed only in local and regional track meets. I always did well, either winning or placing second in the 440 and 880 meter runs. I was delighted when my coach announced that I had qualified for the regional finals for the National Junior Olympics. Mr. Grayson beamed when he gave me the news. He had competed in the same events in the 1974 competition and thought it was the highlight of his life. He always hoped to sponsor a student in the event, but he knew it wasn't likely. With a study body of just 300, the odds of finding a short-distance sprinter were slim. Yet Mr. Grayson and I miraculously found each other.He helped me train every day after school, offering different training techniques to improve my speed and stamina. I appreciated the one-on-one coaching and really started to want to win. Up until then, I had been so intimidated by the Olympic experience that I didn't dare consider my chances. I faced formidable competition in the race, including a previous national finalist from the previous year. Somehow, though, I suddenly dismissed all of that and started to sense that I could win.That feeling evaporated three days before the race during an after-school training session. I was completing my warmup exercises on the track and was just starting to accelerate into a slow sprint. Out of nowhere, I suddenly felt a sharp, excrutiating pain in my right shin. I stumbled for a moment in a haze, then suddenly dropped to the ground with my injured right leg unable to support me. The pain was agonizing. I curled up into a ball, trying to massage the leg, but not knowing what had actually happened.When I opened my eyes, I was surrounded by Mr. Grayson and 4 members of the boys track team. They had been practicing their javelin throws, and in a rare moment of goofing off, my classmate Joe haphazardly threw the javelin in the wrong direction. He realized a split second after he threw it that I was running close to him...

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