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In Many Cases Of Life Money Will Be A Main

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In many cases of life money will be a main factor of. Negatively the odds are against one. The fact of being wealthy can change ones attitude and the way they act toward others around them. For instance, a middle class person would have less privileges then a wealthy person. Some people believe that wealth brings happiness, but it might just be the opposite. Wealth is a great accomplishment, but one must be cautious and must not exceed their limits. Gatsby is man of wealth and is respected for it in many ways. For example, he throws huge parties that people from all around town come to. Gatsby does not know the people and yet allows them to enter and enjoy his alcohol and his money. For one, he does not drink so all of the alcohol beverages at the party are for his guests. Secondly, he himself doesn't party and usually sits and watches the guests throughout the entire party. Evidently Gatsby is not happy with himself and he is one of the richest high class people around. He still suffers from losing Daisy, but on the opposite end Daisy never loved him, she loved his money and that's all she cared about. Gatsby does not know this and yet pushes so hard for her to love him once again. Mr.Wolfsheim is a well-respected man and a great friend to Gatsby. To start with, he is very wealthy and portrays himself as a pleasant gentleman to Gatsby's friends. Outside of what other's see there is a cruel man who desires nothing but money and it has corrupted him. For example, he does not show up to a funeral of supposedly a very good friend, this portrays the corruption that money can cause. Money...

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