Most Students Have Time To Work

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Most Students Have Time to Work

Should students work while attending college? Almost all students who attend State U. have had to answer this question at one point. For some the answer is simple: "yes," they must work or they could not possibly afford to go to school. For others the answer is "no," because mommy and daddy will buy them anything they want. What about the typical college students who can survive without working but would be scraping bottom all year trying to find spending money? I do not think a few hours of work each week would hurt.

Some would argue that work can get in the way of a student's studying. They say a job could be the one thing that distracts the students from studying for the big test. But would students really be studying during that time that they are working? In many cases, the answer is "no." Most students only go to class for an average of three to four hours a day, not including the weekends that are normally spent socializing. So what do students do with the rest of their time. Students who do not have jobs waste a lot of their time. My roommate was a perfect example of this last semester. He had fourteen credit hours and found them relatively easy. Other than going to class for a couple hours each week he spent most of the day sitting around watching TV and playing video games. Many other students have a similar schedule as my roommate. Much of their time is spent partying, watching TV, or just sleeping. This is a bad habit to get into. For some, this can get addicting, and they begin spending time doing these when they should be studying. Some people without jobs start partying all the time. Eventually they start their failing their classes, and drop out of school. Many times...

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