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Conducting a SWOT

or (OTSW)

What is it?

The granddaddy of focus group data gathering processes is the traditional SWOT and its updated offspring, OTSW Analysis. You can SWOT (or OTSW) a concept, a program, a department, a school, or a new initiative. You can even SWOT a person, although one must be careful when doing so.

When doing SWOT Analysis, remember that the S and the W are INTERNAL and the O and T are external. Traditionally, facilitators begin with the organization's Strengths and Weaknesses and then move out to the external Opportunities and Threats. Recent thinking prompts consideration first of the opportunities and threats existing in the "outside world" against which the institution can leverage its strengths and find conviction to correct its weaknesses. We like this reversal of the traditional order because it helps an organization place itself in context.


Group Process Technique: Brainstorming

Purpose: To generate a large quantity of ideas in response to a stated problem or question.

The group is asked to generate as many responses to the following questions within a limited time frame (10-20 minutes per question). All responses are recorded verbatim and ideas are not judged until evaluation time.

Group Size: Can be used with any number of participants (large groups can be broken into smaller groups of 6-10 to maximize output)

Resources: Flip chart and markers


Explain basic rules of brainstorming:

Don't evaluate the idea; defer judgment.

Quantity is the goal.

The wilder the better.

Record each idea verbatim.

Tagging on or combining ideas is okay.

Begin brainstorming by asking the following questions:

a. What opportunities exist in our external environment?

b. What threats to the institution exist in our external environment?

Brainstorm these along the lines of:

Political, economic, social, technology

Market size and behavior

Constituent behavior

Benefits sought

Potential new entrants

Direct competitors' performance, strategies, capabilities, intentions

3. What are the strengths of our institution?

4. What are the weaknesses of our institution?

Brainstorm these along the lines of:

Ability to design/innovate

Ability to source and...

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