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Most Significant Three Innovation Of The 1920s

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Canada is a country that has overcome countless difficult hurdles and challenges throughout its journey to becoming the nation it is today. Nonetheless, the historical journey was not entirely negative, rather, there were some very memorable experiences during the 1900s in specific; one of them being the Roaring 20s, in which countries’ economies boomed, and people were now able to afford items they normally would not be able to. This caused a period of innovators, with the consumers demanding new products to replace various tasks or bring upon something unheard of; this was their time. Furthermore, large amounts of money being earned made receiving funds much easier for researchers, and results were achieved at a much quicker rate. The 1920s was a prosperous decade filled with successful innovations that transformed history for the better. Out of all of the inventions in the Roaring 20s, the most significant three are insulin, automobiles, and the radio.
One of the greatest medical milestones in history discovered in the 1920s was insulin. Diabetes is commonly known as a relatively harmless condition in today’s era, however before insulin was discovered, it was lethal. Insulin is a substance which the pancreas produces to break down food, this effects the blood glucose levels ( Diabetes is when the body is unable to produce the required amount by itself, thus building up the glucose in the blood (Wikispaces). A few symptoms caused by diabetes are damage to the nerves, blurred vision and muscle cramps ( In 1922, Frederick Banting and his research assistant Charles Best isolated insulin and successfully lowered a dog’s blood sugar (glucose) level ( Once the insulin was prepared for human use they tested it on a 14-year-old boy and it saved his life ( Diabetes, once known as a death sentence, was now treatable to grant those with it long lives. Millions of lives were saved. “When it came, it was like a miracle. People with severe diabetes and only days left to live were saved” ( Due to the significantly positive impact that insulin had on the world, this led to Banting and Macleod (fellow colleague) receiving a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ( It is without a doubt that insulin changed the life of those with diabetes in the 1920s.
An unheard method of travel showed itself in the 20s, transforming the decade forever. The automotive industry boomed at the time, in which cars were being produced and sold at incredibly quick rates. With everyone having the funds to spend, cars were one of the items people began to have. Long distances could easily and swiftly be traveled with very little hassle. People had more leisure time because travel time was shortened, in fact by the end of 1929, 95 million movie tickets were being sold a week in USA alone! Henry Ford and his Ford Motor company shaped the method of transportation, constantly releasing new models at...

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