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Most Successful Mass Murderer Essay

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Six million innocent Jews dead, and one cruel murderer. Adolf Hitler was denied of his dream, becoming an artist, so he had only one idea in mind, rid Germany of all Jews. He eliminated Jews in many different ways, learning tactics from former military officers He gave his ideas of killing to many other officers. The Holocaust was a time in history where many helpless Jews were slaughtered. Many moms and their children were thrown into fire pits, gas chambers, or even hung. Hitler was a cruel man, but became famous for the horrible crimes he committed. Because of Hitler’s failures in the art academy, he took an alternative path, becoming one of the most successful murderers in the world. ...view middle of the document...

Hitler began to paint watercolor scenes of Vienna, which he sold to many Jews willing to pay (“Adolf Hitler: Early”).
While living in Vienna, Hitler met many people, who influenced his thoughts toward Jews. Karl Leuger played a major role on Hitler’s life. All of this terrifying murderer’s military tactics were learned from Leuger. Hitler also gained his antisemitism, hatred towards Jews, from Leuger, who had a background with many Jewish citizens (“Adolf Hitler” Jewish). Not only was Hitler influenced by Leuger, but by another military officer, Georg von Schonerer. Schonerer was a German racist and a politician. Hitler drew many racist philosophies from Schonerer (“Adolf Hitler: Early”). Hitler drew his ideology from Schonerer, but his strategic tactics from Leuger.
After living around military officers such as Leuger and Schonerer, Hitler obtained a new goal in life. Hitler’s ultimate goal must implacably be the total removal of Jews. Why did Hitler want to remove all Jews? Hitler despised of Jews for one main reason, they were responsible for capitalism, socialism, and modernism in art. “The more I came to know the Jew, the easier it was to excuse the workers” (“Adolf Hitler” Jewish). Hitler made many more similar comments toward Jews, all showing his strong hatred toward them. While living in Vienna, trying to make a living from water colors, Hitler has personal and business relationships with Jewish citizens. Many times Hitler was dependent on Jews to make a living. After WWI, Hitler began making progress toward his ultimate goal, by setting up a systematic program for annihilation.
Hitler became an angry man, most of the time, most certainly because of his injuries during WWI. Hitler was wounded twice throughout the battles he led. Hitler spent almost 2 months in a hospital before returning to the battlegrounds, where he was temporarily blinded in a mustard gas attack (“Adolf Hitler” Jewish). Upon Hitler’s sacrifices, the German army was defeated. As a result of this defeat, fate chose Hitler to torture many innocent Jews.
Hitler was in charge of many known concentration camps, where millions of innocent Jews were tortured and killed. The Jews that were fit for work were running 12-14 hour shifts, with little...

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