Most Viable Method Of Biometric Security For A Large Multinational Firm

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Security is one of the most important aspects of everyday life. Knowing that one is safe makes life more comfortable, for example ‘Home Is Where Our Hearts Are’ research published on “The Bolton News” (2009) found out that 37% of the UK citizens planned to move out from locality due to crime. All in all it is essential to feel safe not only about one’s life but also to have a safe business and secure work place. Security can be greatly enhanced with the promising benefits of biometric technologies by allowing different recourses to recognise and confirm personality in different circumstances (Rosenzweig et. al. 2004: 1). Biometric recognition is a programmed method of precisely identifying and verifying individuals according to the unique physiological (Fingerprints, face recognition, iris patterns and DNA) or behavioral (Voice print, signature dynamics, keystroke dynamics) characteristics (Adolph, 2009: 1). This essay will evaluate better biometric security program that can be used by a large multinational firm to secure a work place. This will be achieved by comparing the effectiveness of two methods of biometric identification: retinal and palm vein authentication and filtering out that palm vein authentication which is most effective in terms of public acceptance, cost and reliability.
The first method of biometric recognition is a retinal scanner. The idea of a retinal scanner is simple: a person places their eye in front of a scanner which then identifies the personnel and then allows or denies them access. The aim of a retinal scan is to recognize and verify personality by the pattern of blood vessels at the flip side of the eyeball scans, which is unique: even identical twins do not have the same pattern (Roberts, 2005: 9). The way a retina scanning system operates is as follows. Firstly, the retinal scanner projects a low-intensity infrared light on to the back of the eye and then on to the retina. The infrared light is then reflected by the retina carrying the required information about the blood vessel pattern. Next, the reflected light is picked up by a video camera in the scanning system which converts the retinal image into data form. The software supporting the retina scan technology then assigns a unique identity to the image and stores the retinal data which can then be used to identify the personality of the person.
Before a multinational firm can use this technology in their offices, they have to make sure that the employees will not oppose the introduction of such technology. The perception of using retinal scans is varied. There are some people who are under fear that such light may cause physical harm, but light is not strong enough to hurt eye (Roberts, 2005: 25). The cost of using a retinal scanner for a large multinational firm will be large as even though the cost is about US $4,000 for a retinal scanner (Panasonic). The cost will go up as the firm is large and if it requires all offices and departments to be equipped...

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