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Environment Effects of 3D printing

Imagine a world where low-cost productions are created at home with a push of a button. You can create you very own personalized designs with out the need of the manufacturing factories. As manufacturing goes digital, the fundamental of economy will change new technologies will be explored as we roll into the third greatest industrial revolution. As society evolves the economy will shift, allowing people to produce their very own products from home. Using three-dimensional devices “3D printers” with the aided of open-ended software will allow people to manufacturer printed goods. In the new era, individuals will be able to print anything from batteries, mobile phones, auto parts, medical implants, and guns in what many are calling additive manufacturing. This is good thing, as society needs a better green strategy for 3D printing that help promotes recyclability.
As cost for 3-D printing technology drops, and becomes mainstream ideally, in the near future, everyone could purchases and have their every own three-dimensional factory in side their home. As of now, home 3D printers can be bought through major electronics retail stores such as Newegg and online website of Wal-Mart. The price for theses devices can range from five hundred dollars and on upwards into the thousands. The prices of many 3D printers are dictated by the functionality and capabilities of the device, such as printing material identical to plastic, metal or, steel, also print quality, speed, reliability and ease of use all formulates the base price of these machines One of the best bangs for your buck printers is the affordable Solidoodle 3rd gen. This printer prints a large plastic volume, size of 8x8x8, with heated printing bed, internal lighting for eight hundred dollars. Whereas the more expensive printer such as the $2500 dollar CubeX has more advances features such as the ability to print in multi- colors, print basketball size items as well as integrated software for easily blueprint layout.
From an environmental perspective, 3D printing can bring a new prospect on how we recycle. The ability to manufacturer durable goods can reduce a mass majority of recyclability components, all the while improving efficiency, reduce consumption and saving resources. In a study from Michigan Technology University shows 3D printed products require 41% to 74% less energy than large-scale manufactured goods.(5) One of the factors leading to 3D- printers being energy efficiency is plastic are mainly mass- manufacture in other countries with low-cost labor then is shipped globally around the world. In terms of energy consumption, home-based operated 3D printers have the benefit of escaping oversea transportation costs.
Long- term 3D manufacturing can dramatically improve the efficiency the economy of transportation of goods. This technology will reduce the need to transport goods over long distances from the manufacturing factory to customer. Most...

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