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Mother And Daughter Essay

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The novel, “Dreaming in Cuban” by Christina Garcia, is about a Cuban family. This novel is structured around the Cuban Revolution, everything from politics, family life, and spirituality. The women in the family all have strained relationships. They all have very different personalities and different reactions to the revolution. Lourdes, the daughter of Celia wants nothing to do with the revolution and wants nothing to do with Cuba. She also doesn’t keep much contact with her mother. Everything she has gone through is why she is the way she is, and why her daughter also has a strained relationship with her.
One of the main reasons that Lourdes has some issues is because how Celia treated her. When Celia got married to Jorge, she was completely heartbroken because of Gustavo. She writes to Gustavo saying, “They poison my food and milk but still I swell. The baby lives on venom.” (50) She is also claimed later on that if she has a boy then she will leave if she has a girl; then she will stay. “She would not abandon a daughter to this life, but train her to read the columns of blood and numbers in men’s eyes, to understand the morphology of survival. Her daughter, too, would outlast the hard flames.” (42) Celia kind of breaks that promise when Lourdes is born when she has a mental breakdown and Jorge sends her to a mental institution. When Lourdes is born, Celia told Jorge that she had no shadow. Celia even held Lourdes by one leg and said that she will not remember her name. She also suffers from abandonment and separation when Lourdes leaves Cuba with her daughter Pilar. This hurts Celia because she has a close connection with Pillar and hopes one day that she will eventually comes back to Cuba. Their connection with each other remains strong despite the long distance between them. Overall, Celia just suffers a lot, and it really affected her children. Lourdes runs away from Cuba just to get away from her, and Felicia just goes into madness.
From what we learn about Celia, one can see why Lourdes would have a lot of issues. She got rejected from her mother at a very young age. Her mother is not the only reason why she left Cuba. When she was two months pregnant, she got attacked by two soldiers, and she miscarried. “Lourdes felt the clot dislodge and liquefy beneath her breasts, float through her belly, and slide down her thighs. There was a pool of dark blood at her feet.”(70) This event would obviously make her want to leave Cuba because it’s traumatic and being there would only remind her of it. “She wants no part of Cuba, no part of its wretched carnival floats creaking with lies, no part of Cuba at all….”(73) Since Lourdes had a strained relationship with her mother, she was a lot closer to her father. She respected her father and had a connection with him. “Lourdes is herself only with her family. Even after his death, they understand each other perfectly, as they always have.” (131) Lourdes tries to have a different relationship with...

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