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Mother Earth Essay

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“Only when the last fish is gone, the last river poisoned, the last tree cut down...will mankind realize they cannot eat money” Greenpeace. Every person in this world are working hard and earning much money to make their future sustainable. Most of people dream of a happy family in a beautiful house, but we did not imagine about environment in those days. Industries and vehicles are releasing carbon dioxide, which damage our environment. While we are dreaming about our bright future, our earth has been raped by our activities since humans are exist. When people realize about environmental problem, they push their responsibility to solve and protect our planet to the large organizations. ...view middle of the document...

We can decorate our plant condominium according to the furniture style. The plant condominium requires small space and provides us with oxygen. In addition to calming your heart rate, plants lower blood pressure and reduce muscle tension related to stress plants help us relax and focus, leading to increased productivity, creativity, idea generation, and problem solving capabilities. We do not have to use much time for caring and watering plants because we place a water bottle in tiny holes on the top tier of stand to automatically watering plants.
Second way to help environment is planting trees on our birthday as a gift to the earth. A waiting moment of most of people, either children or adult, is the day when we saw this planet first time. while a newborns are born, there is a hope appear in the mother earth’s heart when a baby born that these newborns will grow up and save her, on the other hand there also has a tear drop from her eyes because she fear that this baby will be one more person who will kill her. On every single birthday, family members are excited to celebrate and giving gifts to the birthday boy or girl. We all excited to get gifts. Someone needs gifts too, but no one give it, our earth. On every birth anniversary, we should plant trees in the jungle or mangrove forest as much as your age number. Such as, a ten years old girl should plants 10 trees. 10 trees absorb 500 tons of carbon dioxide in their lifetime that equal 100 air cleaners (Greenpeace, 2013). Why we should do this? Plants are cleaning are, providing oxygen, cooling the street and city, saving water, combating the greenhouse effect, help prevent water and air pollution, nursery for marine animals (mangrove) and help prevent soil erosion (Tree people, n.d.). Benefits of a tree are as much as star in the universe, that why it is a perfect gift to wiping earth mother tear and hold her hands.
Third way of saving the priceless environment is...

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