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Mother/ Grandmother/ Daughter Poetrty Four Poems About Being Mother And Finally Understanding Why Your Mother Sis The Things She Did As You Grew Up! (Poems) Please Rate And Comment

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Mother's GlueI wonder how she does it, holding it together the way she does.It seems no matter how life gets out of place she puts it back the way it was.It's always been a mystery, but I guess it must be true.That there is nothing stronger than a mother's love when she uses Mother's Glue.Now Mother's Glue is not a recipe, or that sticky stuff used in art.But it's that special love that mothers use to keep your life from falling apart.It's the way she is always there to listen so you know that everything will be okay.It's that special bonding hug she gives you to help you make it through the day.It's the way she is able to touch your face and hold the tears away.It's the way she stays up all night with you to hold the fears away.It's the way she makes the sacrifice because she'll do anything for you.Because she knows you just wouldn't make it if she didn't use Mother's GlueBut, if you're still not sure then ask her, and I'll bet she'll just smile at you.Because a mother never uses words, she just uses Mother's GlueMy Mom and IIf I could give my mom the worldOr anything she wanted,I'd give her my own heart and soulAnd leave my own heart haunted.I'd take upon myself her lifeWith all its strife and pain,And let her ease into some spaceWhere she could live again.The pain for me would not be pain,At least not for a while;For I'd be doing it for her,And I would see her smile.I wish that I could take her heartAnd cleanse it with my tears,And make her sorrow go away,And answer all her fears.I wish, I wish, but then I can't,As I watch helplessly,And take her in my arms and sayI wish that it were me.But loving is a hard, hard way,With all the pain it brings.And yet there is no other wayTo touch the heart of things.Messy little fingersEveryday I wake up,ready for the mess.I look aroundand think O' GREAT!!!!they've already made a mess.I wonder what they're thinking,as they smear makeup on the wall.Is...

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