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Mother...How I Knew You Essay

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The courtroom filled with people rushing in to see that justice be done that day. It was late afternoon, and I was surprised to see interest left in everyone that walked in, including me. The brown walls seemed to darken as the people that I knew began to take their seats. The lawyer's robe seemed to blend in with the dark brown walls. The room was welcoming these people to watch the judgement. Among them was my father, indifferent as always. My brother sat there, tearing each time we met eyes. This was the ultimate test.You never know what will happen to you until that time comes. Whether or not you have planned out your life and future does not matter. When the time comes, you can't turn to page 822 of your life story and see what you should do next. That was what I did not understand. That is why I am here today....I always told my mother I would never go through what she went through, suffering from a bad marriage. I assured her I would wait until I was certain to get married and have children. My mother married when she was 18, the reason being that she wanted to escape from the burden of her mother at home. Being the youngest of eight, she was the only unmarried child who was obliged to stay home and take care of her sick mother. My mother always told me about her life tales, and I always rejected them, resisting heed to her warnings. Her only response was that she had not listened to her own mother's advice and hoped that I wouldn't do the same. Overconfident, I remember answering her in a carefree manner.Later that same year, I had just begun sophomore year at UPenn when I received a phone call from my brother that my father and mother needed me back home. He wouldn't tell me what was wrong, just that it was urgent. That was typical of my brother, with his perfect skin tone and eyes. Even with a B average in high school he managed to win over the love of my parents. Of course, who better to carry on our name than the guy in the family? Thanksgiving break was the first chance I had to go back home. The bus ride was extremely long this time, as I watched the leaves, so bright and full of color, suddenly fall to a death so tragic. I had decided that my parents' favoritism towards my brother was more than the pride of having a young male in the house, but rather his actions towards them. So I remembered to try and do what they needed of me.My mother wasn't there to pick me up at the bus terminal. How odd, she was the only one that I had some sort of relationship with in the family. It was just my father, and brother there. Their emaciated appearance reminded me of the leaves I was watching a bit earlier. I started to wonder why my brother had not told me what was wrong over the phone. During the awkward car ride home, my eyes wandered all over town, looking at familiar places. Then the car stopped and I heard my father mutter "I can't. I have to let her know." As my brother's face turned to stone, my father spilled the news.The chilly wind...

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