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Mother May I Essay

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There are always two kinds of people in a story; a hero and a bad guy. Mother Teresa of Calcutta was the heroine and poverty was the bad guy. On September 10th, 1946 she felt the call upon her life to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15, Bible) In the month of November, 1928 she got on a boat and sailed to India arriving in Calcutta seven weeks later. (Pg, 6, Bio) Mother Teresa changed the world by helping the poor, internationally impacting society, being a role model for anyone.
Many people have a desire to help the poor, but they decide to settle and send a couple dollars to a charity, sign a heart to stick on a wall, and walk away feeling like ...view middle of the document...

The sisters took turns helping in leprosy clinic, tuberculosis clinics, general dispensaries home for abandoned children, and nursery classes. Mother Teresa started an order called, “Missionaries of Charity.” It is a place for people who had no one and was unwanted to live and be loved. Today there are Brother and Sister Homes across the world helping others. Anyone can go to another country for a week and volunteer their time, but not many can live with the people they are trying to help. Mother Teresa’s actions affected Calcutta, India in a phenomenal way, but she also made a difference internationally.
Mother Teresa changed many people’s lives. Her actions challenged people to make a difference in the people’s lives around them. “You can find Calcutta all over the world. You just need eyes to see not only to see but to look.” (Youtube, Mother Teresa 1) People can make a difference anywhere; they just need to open their eyes to the hurting people around them. Mother Teresa founded five branches of the Missionaries of Charity family. At the time of Mother Teresa's death, The Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity numbered 3,914 members and it was established in 594 communities in 123 countries of the world. Her charities still thrive under Sister Nirmala. She is the Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity Sisters. The Missionaries of Charity has grown over 4,000 members in 697 foundations in 131 countries of the world. Mother Teresa has made such an impact on the world that her legacy still remains in the world today. Her lifestyle has impacted millions of people’s lives. She made such an impact on the world that she received a total of 124 awards, which included some the following: Padmashree Award (from the President of India) August 1962, Pope John XXIII Peace Prize January 1971,
and Nobel Peace Prize December 1979, Bharat Ratna . ( She internationally transformed the pre-conceived ideas of how people should live out their lives. Regardless of religious beliefs, the life and actions of Mother Teresa are an example for anyone to model. Instead of being a mediocre American paying taxes and living the “American Dream” she shows how...

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