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Mother Nature Always Fights Back Essay

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Did you know 14 billion tons of garbage is dumped into the ocean every year? And, most of it is plastic. Think about it fish you might be ingesting plastic yourself too. If you enjoy breathing fresh air or looking at a blue sky you should learn about ways you can keep doing so. If take leisure in catching some waves out in the beach or fishing is a big part of your life, you should be informed of the ways pollution can prevent you from doing so. If you want to live a longer healthy life for yourself or others you care about, you should learn the different ways you can improve your chances.
In my time of living, I have gone to the following beaches: Ocean, Pacific, La Jolla, Imperial, and Solana. While visiting these beaches I saw birds eating cigarette buds. I stepped on plastic as well as trash on my way into the water. I have also seen people throw trash on the floor because they are too lazy to walk a little more. I have been to different hiking trails such as: Cowles Mountain, Mission trails, Torrey Pines, and Lake Murray. While hiking I have seen people fall because the trail was worn down not only by us humans, but Mother Nature as well.
Throughout my paper I will be discussing how pollution affects everyone and everything around us. What you can do to help reduce pollution. Last but not least, how the world will look with and without my solution. Now I want you to imagine you are heading to the beach; it’s been a half a year since you have gone for a swim. Naturally once you get there you are filled with joy; hence, you skip into the water. Once you are chest deep in the cool icy water you feel something near you. As you look down, horror overcomes your face when you spot a dead seagull intertwined between your legs. When you try to fight it off you feel something else with your hand, it is another dead bird. At this moment you notice no one is in the water because of all the dead birds surrounding you.
When there is a massive amount of dead animals in the ocean it is called a dead zone. The Mississippi river is estimated to carry 1.5 million metric tons of nitrogen pollution that create dead zones like the one you may have encountered. Do you drive a car, a truck, ride the bus or a train, or even work on a ship? If you do, any of these transportations accounts for 90% of a cancer risk that is associated with air pollution. Worldwide, more than 500 million people drink water that could be harmful to their health. Every year we as humans, generate 30 billion foam cups, 220 million tires, and 1.8 billion disposable diapers every year. If you enjoy swimming you should know where dead zones are located. If you prefer hiking you should know about irregular flash floods that can affect hiking trails negatively. If you know anyone who appreciates nature or living for that matter you should inform them about how we are killing the environment and how we can help.
The most effective way you can help eliminate pollution is by participating in a...

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