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Mother Nature's Devastating Destruction Essay

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1. Introduction
Katrina, Charley, Nina, Sandy and Yasi these are some names that will leave the hearts and minds of those devastated by Mother Nature’s sheer power of destruction. According to Lakshmi Kantha, “Hurricanes, more appropriately tropical cyclones, have the potential to be highly destructive to coastal structures, habitats and communities” [1].
The European Wind Energy Association have intensions of installing offshore wind farms with 40 GW rating by 2020 and 150 GW rating by 2030[2]. Professor Mark Z. Jacobson at Stanford conducted simulations in which massive arrays of offshore wind farms were used to try and reduce the wind speed of hurricanes. "We found that when wind turbines are present, they slow down the outer rotation winds of a hurricane," stated Mark Jacobson [3]. Using their sophisticated climate-weather model, the researchers simulated hurricanes Katrina, Isaac and Sandy to examine what would happen if large wind farms, with tens of thousands of turbines, had been in the storms' paths. They found that, as the hurricane approached, the wind farm would remove energy from the storm's edge and slow down the fast-moving winds. The lower wind speeds at the hurricane's perimeter would gradually trickle inwards toward the eye of the storm [4].
Even if these arrays of wind farms were to be implemented there would have quite a significant number of problems associated with them such as:
1. Number of turbines, According to the simulation conducted by Jacobson, an array of 78,000 turbines would have softened the blow, in Katrina’s case [4]. Depending on the geographic location, regions which suffer high intensity hurricanes would require larger arrays of wind turbines in order to reduce the devastating effects.
2. The massive farm containing nearly thousands of wind turbines would have to operate very efficiently on days with average weather conditions in order support the costs.
3. Transportation of power would require large number of Power Lines connecting the offshore wind farms and the main storage facility, also associated with these power lines are a variety of losses. Majority...

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