Mother's Little Helper Essay

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Mother's Little Helper Scene 1 Mother and father at breakfast.Frank: Is that fresh coffee, Christ where did I leave the folder for the conference? Mary: Settle down, the folder is in the filing cabinet in the study. Sit down there and I'll get you a cup of coffee.Frank: I haven't got the time for coffee, I'm running late as it is. I knew I should have left last night. I have to deliver this speech and my head is killing me. What the hell were we drinking anyway? Mary: I don't think it was what we were drinking, you didn't seem to mind what time it was last night! 'Oh, I'll have another one if it's going'! Frank: What has you so high and mighty, I didn't see you putting your hand over the glass when Kitty was topping you up. Anyway, have we got any Panadol or solphedine, my head is splitting.Mary: In the top press there. Take some solphedine, they work more quickly than the Panadol.Frank: I hope this goes well today, I knew we shouldn't have gone out last night.Mary: By the way, there was letter from the school. Their looking for Susan's hockey fees and they also said that she has missed the last three training sessions.Frank: Typical! The school looking for fees and she doesn't even bother going along! Hang on, I gave her money for hockey fees only two weeks ago.Mary: You'll have to have to have a word with her. She comes home, she goes out, never says a word to us anymore. I try to have a conversation with her, 'How was school'? and all she'll say is 'crap'. I say 'How is hockey going'?, she says 'crap' and then when I ask her what's wrong she tells me I wouldn't understand.Frank: Well, she didn't pick that kind of behaviour up on the street.Mary: Yes. People do say that she takes after her father. Anyway, I want you to have a word with her. You're the only one she listens to.Frank: Not this morning, I'm late and haven't got the time. I'll do it when I get home.Mary: She's not even out of bed yet for school! Will you have a word with her now? Frank: Ok, Ok! (shouts upstairs) Susan! get out of that bed now; you're late for school! And another thing, pay those hockey fees! I gave you the money last week! And go to your training! What is the point of paying the fees if your not going to go?! (turns to mother) Now, happy? Mary: (sarcastically) Great.Frank: I have to go, I'll talk to you later. Bye darling.Scene 2 Mother cleaning daughter's room. She finds some cannabis.Mary: Oh my god, I don't believe it. I knew there was something strange about the way she's been acting recently. Using illegal drugs, I never thought it would come to this. And she's keeping it in our house! How could this be happening-we've always been so open with her, sure I remember her father and I sitting her down only a year or so ago and warning her about the dangers of drugs. That new friend of hers, I bet she's the one who got her into this. I never liked her from the first time I saw her! What will I do, I need someone to talk to about this. I know, I'll ring Kitty.(Calls...

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