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Mother's Son Essay

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Mother’s Son
It was late in the afternoon when a knock was heard at the door. My brother and I ran to the kitchen to hide, afraid of who might be outside the house trying to get in. My mother walked proudly to the door as we watched, and my father was in the next room. When opened, two men in uniforms bearing golden badges begin to speak to Mother. She nodded, and they walked into the house. They looked around and acknowledged my brother and me with smiles as we stayed hidden. Stumbling, my father walked into the living room to ask my mother who was at the door, but as he entered his expression changed, and the smiles left the two officers. He was grabbed, and I frightfully ran into his ...view middle of the document...

No matter what struggle we had and no matter how little money we had, she would always find a way to get us out of the situation by working more or pinching already tight pennies . At one point, she even became quite an effective coupon user. Whenever personal problems arose for me, she would always put her needs second. I was told that, “If you ever have any problems with anybody, just let me know. Momma will deal with them.” These are the words that would resonate in my ears whenever I had any problems. Not once did I go to her about my bullies because I knew that the bullies would end up in a hospital. Nothing was too much for my mother, but as I grew and began to mature in Christ, I noticed that she relies too heavily on her own strength.
I appreciate all she has done, but now I can see the toll all her efforts have taken. I believe that I too am strong, however; it is not my own strength; God provides my strength. When times are tough, I rely on the strength being given to me. Even though I am not intimidating nor too physically strong, I will still protect those I care about. My mother may be small but, she can beat a giant with her right fist. I may not have a fury in me, but I have come to trust that if I ever needed to beat a giant, then God would help me protect those I love. While my Mother is a good woman, she is a tired woman. Somehow though, she always has enough energy to put in her word.
My mother is opinionated. In all things, Mother must have the last word. If something comes up, even between other people, she will be quick to put in her thoughts, especially if she disagrees with the issue. This has caused a lot of broken relationships for my mother, but it has also helped both her and her family. If she ever felt that anyone was being mistreated or treated unfairly, then she could gather a group of people around her to get equality. This is something that she has passed down to her children. Whenever she and I get...

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