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According to Times of London, because of “Mother Teresa’s compassion, and humility, It’s said, shrewd eye for publicity she raised public concern for the destitute; by devoting herself with single-minded vigor to the relief of human suffering, she galvanized individuals, both believers and non-believers, and even governments into action” (“Mother Teresa Times of London” 2). Mother Teresa was a hero because she was a humanitarian.
When Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910, her parents named her Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. She was born in the city of Skopje but her parents came from Albania (Sullivan 8). There were three children in her family, and she was the ...view middle of the document...

In Ireland, she learned English and studied to become a nun. People in Ireland remember how nice she was and how hard she worked to learn English (14). Mother Teresa had been hearing God’s voice telling her, “Go to India and serve it.” It was on January 6, 1929 when her wish came true. Her first job was teaching religion and geography at St. Mary’s High School in the city of Calcutta. She was still studying to become a nun. She worked more on her English and then began learning two Indian languages, Hindu, and Bengali (15).
Her upbringing inspired her to help the poor. “Mother Teresa cooked daily to thousands of destitutes feeding 7,000 people each morning at Shishu Bhavan in Calcutta” (“Mother Teresa Times of London” 25). “The fact that her father passed away and her mother had to raise the family herself made her want to help the poor” (Sullivan 9). “Her mother would treat people like her own family that’s where Mother Teresa learned a lesson that she kept when she took the decision to spend her life serving the poor” (10). “Mother Teresa heard God voice once again. God told her, “Go to the poorest of the poor and serve them” (15). That’s what made her want to help the poor, and a lesson she learned from her mom that she kept when she started working with the poor.
She helped people convert in Christianity “She felt down that she was being called to tell the whole world about God” (Sullivan 11). Mother Teresa would be able to give her whole life to others, taking the church as her home and all people as her family” (12). These are some of the actions she took to help people believe in...

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