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Mother To Us All Essay

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Everyone has someone who inspires them. For many people this person is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa is considered to be one of the most inspirational people in the 20th century. She opened hundreds of missions, won numerous awards, and devoted her life to helping others. During the 20th century Mother Teresa was most known and remembered for her work with the poor and the homeless.
Mother Teresa wasn’t always her name. She was born as Anges Gonxna Bujaxhiu on August 27 1910 (Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 98). She was born in the city Skopje, which then was apart of the ottoman empire but is now Yugoslavia (Mother Teresa 1910-1997,98). Her father Nikola was a contractor, her mother Dranafile took care of the home, and was deeply rooted in her faith(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 98). Anges was the youngest of three; her sister Age, and her brother Lamar.(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 99)
She didn’t have a normal childhood. By the time Anges was 9 her father passed leaving them with nothing but their possessions(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 99). This tragedy in her life seemed to only strengthened her and her family’s faith helping her be so involved with the church. As a child Anges often helped distribute clothes, and food to the needy(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 100). She belonged to a catholic women’s organization where she developed an interest in missionary work(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 100). However, still being a young girl she couldn’t bring herself to leave her home and family behind, to become a nun so she waited.
She could only contain her dream for so long. At eighteen she decided to leave and become a nun(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 100). When her mother heard the news she locked herself in her room for 24 hrs, because she couldn’t bear the thought of her youngest child leaving(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 100). The next day her mother saw her off at the train station, this was the last time they saw each other.(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 99)
She went to school and trained just like every other nun. In Ireland she studied with the Sisters of Loreto who had a mission in India, she began her training at this mission in Darjeeling(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 100). In 1929 she took her vows becoming a nun and became Sister Teresa, choosing the name to honor Therese of Lisieux a young nun who died from tuberculosis at the age of 24(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 100). That same year she began to teach at St. Mary’s high, she stayed there for 17 years eventually becoming principal(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 101). During this time Teresa was considered to be a very ordinary nun.
While she was happy with the convent, she knew there was something more. On September 10th 1946, Teresa received what she referred to as “the call”(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 100). “The message was clear, I was to leave the convent and serve the poor while living with them(Bourgoin,Suzanne).” She appealed to the Catholic Church and two years later was granted access to leave(Mother Teresa 1910-1997, 100). She...

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