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Mother Tongue Interlanguage Essay

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It is an obvious notion that millions of people around the world can speak more than one language than their native tongue language. While some speakers are able to achieve a proficient fluency in their second target language (L2), others cannot do so. In more recent years, researcher’s level of interest has dramatically increased into why language learners have a problem being fluent in their second target language. They have suggested that there is a process in which one language can be interfere in a certain way that can affect the second language being learned. A language learner is being influence by a process known as interlanguage that is caused by borrowing language and rules from their mother tongue.
Chomsky has said that babies have access to ‘language universals’ and we humans have an innate ability. Language has been said to have its own natural agenda and it takes its own way of developing, but never a habit formation. Learner language or better known as interlanguage is the type of language produced by nonnative speakers in the process of learning a second language. During this process, errors are caused by interference that occurs when the language learner tries to extend, borrow, and apply the rule of their mother tongue onto the second language (L1 transfers to L2), which causes a mix in the both languages. Essentially borrowing linguistically means that they change phonological and phonetic systems but maintain their general sound pattern. This awareness has created a contributing factor in affecting foreign language learning which causes problems when a person attempts to communicate the second language. For example, this type of interference produces distinctive forms in a way an English language learner is using their native tongue. This causes what we know as Spanglish (Spanish), Chinglish (Chinese), Franglais (French), or Konglish (Korean).
Interlanguage affects the every aspect of language, such as, the spelling, grammar, vocabulary, language proficiency, and what can cause a learner to have an accent. What has ultimately become one of the important concepts of interlanguage is negative and positive transfer, yet some researchers see it as an easier way of language learning through its similarity and others view it as a range difficulty. When language has a variation in how closely they might be link to each other, there are two ways of interest. The two areas of transfer and interlanguage, are very much link to each other and can be considered together most of the time, with L1 influences (transfer) having a strong influence on interlanguage. The first area is the greater of language distance that can have effects on the nature of interference and that of its negative and positive transfer. The second, those effects can have a certain influence on the transfer perception which are linked to psychological factors that can impact on performance. It is often found by researchers that the affect gives way to errors of...

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