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Mother Turned Into A Zombie: A Short Story

2163 words - 9 pages

It was April 2nd, 2025, a Saturday in the beginning of summer when a teen, named Josh Arch was home on his dad’s farm in southern Texas working on an old 1972 Chevelle SS. Josh is 16, he has dark blonde hair and brown eyes. Josh was a mechanic for his dad’s business. Josh has a family of four, Josh’s dad and mom and little sister and himself. They lived next to a gas station about a mile from town, which has a population of around 4,000 people. Josh’s family has been around in the town ever since he can remember.
Josh woke up one morning to the sound of his mother cooking breakfast, he got out of bed, got dressed and headed downstairs.
“Morning,” Josh’s mom said.
“Morning,” Josh slurred.
“What do you plan on doing today?” asked Josh’s dad who was sitting at the table.
“Probably gonna work on the Chevelle,” Josh said.
“Can I help?” Sophie said from the stairs.
“No, You will mess something up,” Josh said.
“No I won't!!!” said Sophie.
“Let her help, Josh,” Josh’s father said.
“Fine, but if she messes up she’s done helping,” Josh said.
“We will see,” Said Josh’s father.
After breakfast Josh headed for the barn where the Chevy was, Sophie followed him quietly. Josh tugged both of the double doors open, and there it was, the jet black 1972 Chevy SS. Josh’s grandfather got the car the year it came out, and passed it down to Josh’s dad. Josh wanted to try and get the car for his birthday coming up on April 13. He stepped into the barn and went to the bench with all his dad’s tools. Sophie went over to the car and opened the hood.
“How fast does it go?” Sophie asked.
“Fast,” Josh murmured.
Sophie looked at Josh with an annoyed look and walked towards the bench where Josh was. Josh has been working on the Chevy ever since his last birthday. He overheard his parents one night talking about giving it to him on his birthday, as a first car. A few hours pass with Josh and Sophie working on the Chevy and by the time he was almost done putting in the last spark plug, it was short fused and didn't work. It was about 8:28 PM and Sophie looked to be getting tired so Josh packed everything up and told her to head inside.
“We should go to the hardware store tomorrow and grab a plug for the car,” Sophie suggested.
“Maybe, depends on how the morning is,” Josh said as he closed the barn doors and walked inside.
When the two got inside all the doors were locked and around 9 Pm everyone went to bed. Josh stayed up a little bit cleaning his favourite gun, a 44 Magnum, his father bought it for him a last summer. After Josh was done cleaning the pistol he put it back in its holster in his closet and went to bed.
It was sunrise when Josh heard his sister screaming.
“Josh!!!” Sophie yelled from downstairs.
“What??” Josh yelled as he tried opening his eyes.
“Something’s happened, something bad!!” Sophie yelled.
Josh’s eyes darted open he jumped out of bed, put clothes on, grabbed the 44 magnum and ran downstairs. When he got downstairs all he could see was flat ground...

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