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Motication For Premiditated Murder Essay

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“The transformation of a psychological obsession into an aesthetic principal earned Poe his reputation as a principle innovator of the 19th century short fiction” (May). Edgar Allen Poe’s gruesome style of writing used connects him, and raises the social issue of motivation for murder within our jury trials. This is a widespread process of figuring out within a case in every country across the world. Motivation can be explained as the general desire to do something. “The Tell Tale Heart”, by Edgar Allen Poe deals with murder based on assumption of insanity. “The Cask of Amontillado”, also by Edgar Allen Poe, deals with murder based on revenge. In today’s society, the reasons for premeditated murder are wildly ranged and can be put into different categories. The initiative of premeditated homicide made in these two stories brings retribution and insanity as the motivation of defense for murders in our society.
“The Tell Tale Heart”, is about a young man that kills an old gentleman, mutilates him, and hides the pieces in the floor board because of the old man’s eyes. This young man would watch the old man sleep night after night, waiting for the right time to strike. At the end of the story when he admits to killing the man, he pleads that his motive was not based on insanity. Although the young man pleads sane, the reader would determine him as insane. In today’s society many people plead Insanity Defense of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. This is a common reason for motive when people can’t tell right from wrong. According to Zachary D. Torry and Stephen B. Billoick, a clinical professor and chief resident both in the department of psychiatry, this type of defense has puzzled legal and mental health professional for centuries. This defense is only used in 1 percent of criminal cases and only 10 to 25 percent successful (Torry and Billoick 254). The motive to kill causing us to claim insanity is the thing (the eye) which irritated the young man to kill.
There are many cases where insanity
“The Tell Tale Heart is a “detective story” with the mystery of a motivation. The mystery is solved for Poe because he knows the answer to the motive is the central core in the story (May). The Central core, focus, of the story is the obsession to continue to go to the door and watch the man sleep. The obsession was cause from the provocation of the eye. Just the presence of the eye caused madness. The young man’s actions can be related to loss of control due to provocation. This can happen when there is a state when temper is rising or if there is a state of fear or terror. The eye provides the young man with a sense of terror and fear. 32% of homicides in Victoria are based around frustration, and is commonly raised in the United States (Samuels, O’Driscoll, Allnut 477).
The message of revenge in “The Cask of Amontillado” was based on insults reflecting a personal problem with Poe. It reflects the personal issue that Edgar Allen Poe had with...

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