Motifs And Themes In The Great Gatsby A Level Essay

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Hamnah Khan Mrs Garrett
Half-term Homework
Motifs and Themes Essay
Task: Submit an essay which charts 2 or 3 of his favourite images (Time, vision, light, weather, etc) through Chapters 1-5.
The following essay will be looking through the novel and will be analysing the different motifs and metaphors as well as looking at the way in which Fitzgerald has highlighted specific themes and moments throughout the novel by using imagery consisting of light, playing on time, vision, and also how the weather has influenced the emotions of some of the characters.
Throughout the novel Fitzgerald has showed a huge ‘play on time’. The timescale that he has used shows a vast distance between scenes and events. It is obvious that Fitzgerald wanted to emphasise the importance of time, as it serves one of the most prevalent themes within the novel. As the plot progresses, we learn more about each and every character within the book. As time goes on, we see their true character come out, thereby making it clear to the reader that the characters may not have been portrayed as who they were initially described to be. One of the main characters that I will be looking into revolving around this theme of time is Jay Gatsby. Gatsby’s relationship with time plays a major aspect in the plot of the novel. One of the main things we have seen about Gatsby within the novel is that time has really built Gatsby into the person that we see him as in the book; it is important to his character because as we know Gatsby’s only goal was and dream in life was to recapture the past, recapture his past; Daisy. Gatsby was clearly stuck in the past and believed that his money could be used in order to recreate the past. He felt that spending a month of love with daisy could override the years that she had experienced and shared with Tom. A key moment within the play, which demonstrates time as being a key theme, is when Gatsby leans nervously against the mantlepiece while he rests his head on the clock on top of the mantle. The clock then started to tip as it fell of the mantle. He caught the clock before it fell, causing everyone in the room to be speechless. Nick narrates: “I think we all believed or a moment that it had smashed in pieces on the floor.” We can see here that the clock is clearly representing time. Gatsby head resting on the clock could represent the pressure that Gatsby had on time and how everything had to be perfect however the falling off the clock could further represent how time cold not support Gatsby’s demands and expectations. By Gatsby catching the clock and apologising sincerely, the reader could interpret the sensitivity of his plan and how delicate the situation was to him. Therefore, we can clearly see that the great Gatsby revolves around the whole idea of time. We see who the characters truly are throughout the course of time. And we can see that time does not stop for anybody, no matter what the circumstances may be.
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