Motion And Car Safety Essay

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Motion is how everything in the universe moves, movement of the solar system never stops and is constantly moving but at a very slow speed. There are three laws in motion that explain movement, they are the Newton’s three laws of motion named after Isaac Newton. The Newton’s first law states that an object that is a rest will stay at rest unless an outside force is acted upon it and an object that is in motion will stay in motion unless an outside force is acted upon it. This is also called as “inertia”, which means the property of an object to restrict its motion. Examples of inertia would be when a car is driving at a constant speed and instantly stops the person will fall forward if there ...view middle of the document...

The seatbelt was made to save lives and reduce serious injuries in crashes but it can also put the driver in the mindset of driving more recklessly, the seat belt may be the cause of death if the car is underwater or you are stuck in your car in the accident.

The purpose of the seatbelt is to reduce the chance of death or serious injury in the event of an accident but cannot guarantee the driver to be saved, there is a chance that the accident may occur underwater and the seat belt might restrain the drivers and passengers from getting out safely. Drivers wear seatbelts driver more recklessly on the road which would put pedestrians in danger. Seat belts are safe for the people inside the car but the people that are around the vehicle have no protection from accidents, this is a major risk with seat belts because it may cause the driver to drive more recklessly and become less aware of the environment around them. John Adams, a transport expert has complied data from all over the world to show how laws that force drivers wear seat belts do not make the road a safer place. The seat belts protect the driver from the accident but it does not protect the people on the road, this means that road deaths to be more common. Seat belts encourage bad driving because drivers think that they are safe from accidents but the people on the road who has no protection suffer death. When the accident occurs underwater or that the vehicle is on fire it may be difficult to unlock the Seat belt and get out of the vehicle quickly before you drown or burn but the chances of...

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