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Motivating Children To Read And Write

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Critique of Literature
Article Selection
Through ample research of peer-reviewed journal articles in relation to motivating struggling readers to read, I came across common themes and different strategies/approaches that interested me. These commonalities in numerous articles lead me to a particular direction in my reading expedition towards learning and expanding my knowledge about my focus topic. I carefully selected four journal articles to critically investigate in response to my questions regarding my own professional practice. The four journals are as follows:
1. Putman, M. & Walker, C. (2010). Motivating children to read and write: using informal learning environments as contexts for literacy instruction. Journal Of Research In Childhood Education, 24 (2), pp. 140--151.
This article explores how motivation can be pursued through the use of literacy experiences in non-traditional contexts (informal learning environments) as they provide authentic opportunities for literacy engagement through a variety of integrated instructional experiences. Situational interests, choice, goals, emotions and personal competency beliefs were proven to impact motivation towards students reading. Qualitative research was addressed by examining tutor reflections of students to determine themes regarding children’s motivation, as well as quantitative research that included the computation of descriptive statistics and paired samples on a total score of motivation. The crucial key from this article was that educational experiences in informal learning environments could increase children’s reading motivation (Putman & Walker, 2010).

2. Guthrie, J. T., Wigfield, A., Humenick, N. M., Perencevich, K. C., Taboada, A. & Barbosa, P. (2006). Influences of stimulating tasks on reading motivation and comprehension. The Journal Of Educational Research, 99 (4), pp. 232--246.
The main aspects of this article focused on situational interests and stimulating tasks to increase longer-term intrinsic motivation and reading comprehension in students. Creating content goals for reading, supporting student autonomy and providing interesting texts with the blend of hands on activities is believed to increase motivation in reading as well as the involvement of teachers using extrinsic rewards for encouragement (Guthrie & Wigfield et al., 2006).
3. Young, C. & Rasinski, T. (2009). Implementing readers theatre as an approach to classroom fluency instruction. The Reading Teacher, 63 (1), pp. 4--13.
This journal article focuses on a more specific authentic instructional approach through fluency instruction that exists in the realm of performing arts: ‘Readers Theatre”. Readers Theatre creates a fun and creative means to increase wide reading, promote repeated reading, foster reading fluency, building confidence and to make meaning from the words being read. The article includes qualitative research using the Directed reading-thinking activity (DR-TA) and quantitative research...

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