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Motivating K 12 Learners In Education Essay

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Motivation affects nearly 75% of K-12 learners in education. It is a problem that effects students' learning ability, causing them to detach from the classroom setting, which later results in failure on standardize tests. Motivation is very essential in education. It implicates the reason of a child's actions and behaviors in a particular way. The theoretical background for this study centers around ways students' interest level arises and fails, and what strategies and activities motivates them when learning. Educational researchers pronounces that students are motivated in education, proving that they learn best when they take lead of the academic curriculum. By taking lead of the academic curriculum give students the opportunity to teach the lesson to their peers. Results of this given tactic shows that student engagement arises as their motivational interest on the curriculum increases.
Statistics show that students are motivated in education throughout two basic orientations, namely ego/performance and task/mastery. Motivating students in the academic curriculum has been an effective strategy that enhances students’ knowledge when learning and engaging in the classroom curriculum. Appealing learners in education expresses the concepts and opinions of students' support in four-component conceptualization: attainment value, an achievement that is attained; intrinsic value, the belonging to something by its nature; utility value, an expected return and risk; and cost, the price of something. In the present paper, motivating students in education is investigated validating that students are motivated in education, and the activities that teachers formulate in their classroom to confirm this statement. It is hypothesized that students are motivated when learning when being in a student-centered setting. The remaining ten literature reviews attempt to demonstrate and support the hypothesis.
Motivating students to learn in education is imperative when conducting a successful learning environment. Researchers Rowell, Lonnie, and Hong provides a natural picture of the importance of academic motivation through the use of strategies, concepts, and counseling. "Motivation is the importance of justifying the academic development in our students' classroom performance (Hong 2013, 163)". Without motivation being generated in classrooms, students' performances will vanish. Hong, researched the theoretical perspectives of academic motivation, validating strategies such as student-centered activities that increased academic motivational interest in K-12 learners. Researchers Chen, Aug; Chen, Senlin; Zhu, and Xihe (2012) conducted a student-centered activity confirming that K-12 learners are motivated in education though student-led activities.
In a research their article, three questions were addressed for conducting and guiding the study. The first question stated, are our K-12 learners motivated when learning the academic curriculum? The second...

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