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Where does the term motivation come from? Is it from within an individual’s mindset or is it the dedication that an individual has that tends to be certain when a task is needs to be completed that it is done is a positive manner? I believe that humans as a species are motivated in some form or fashion based upon the degree of what motivates them. It can be from money motivating sales associates, recognition from the upper management, or even someone being motivated to move forward and succeed for the family that they live every day for.
From childhood I always felt the need to impress my grandfather, the man who always pushed me to move positively in everything that I did. I knew then that the encouragement and the support that was provided always by him kept me wanting to finish the challenges that life handed to me. In high school being on the basketball team for my own pleasure and for those moments to see his smile no matter how hard I played or what I did wrong in the game he always let me know how proud he was of me. As I grew older and had my own family I knew how blessed I was to be able to live my life for my children, keep working to provide a better life for them, earn more money for bonuses so that I am able to get some of the finer things that life provides without giving up. Even making this final decision to attend school, work full time and stay committed as a mother despite how hard it sometimes can be and how it easy it is to give up, I continue for my family. Making the choice to live and succeed for the little people that
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examine mommy’s every move and for myself because I know I can do it inspires me every day. While reading upon the connection of motivation and achievement amongst students a website states, “The motive to avoid failure positively predicted the adoption of avoidance goals and negatively predicted self- efficiency. Academic achievement was mainly predicated by the motive for success and performance avoidance goals,”...

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