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What is motivation? One might say that it’s the drive to do or complete something. According to Theories of Motivation, it "is the force that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behaviors...The forces that lie beneath motivation can be biological, social, emotional or cognitive in nature. (about)" In regards to certain goals, answers or solutions aren't always immediately available. So what initiative (behavior) inhibits is what they feel, using their best judgment will help them towards that goal. For an example; there are two women working at a retail store, both are in the same financial situation where they need more money. One continues working the same shift. The other works her shift and even volunteers to pick up hours. The second employee is the motivated one. She has certain needs; she is motivated to work more in order to fulfill her needs so she begins working more hours. To be able to comprehend what enables motivated people, the most used example is Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
Abraham Maslow a humanistic psychologist is the originator of the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This theory is built upon the belief that one must meet basic needs in order to survive in the world. This world consists of a need to have physiological and psychological needs met. The Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs consists of physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization. The first step is physiological needs that include air, food, drink, shelter, sex, and sleep. The second step is safety needs that include security, law, stability, and order. The third step is social needs that include belongingness and love. The fourth step is esteem needs that can include achievement, status, self-esteem, and dominance. The fifth step is self-actualization needs that are self-fulfillment, personal growth, and realizing one’s potential. The Hierarchy of needs theory best fits the person who is a salesperson.
A salesperson like everyone who is living needs his/her physiological needs met....

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