Motivation And Conflict Management Essay

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Motivation and Conflict Management
Organizations strive for creative ways to enhance employee motivation and resolve conflicts with the desire to have employees perform better within the workplace. To motivate one has to be motivated. Motivation within the workplace has to be constant and requiring a goal. Motivation, if not repeated will not last. Therefore, learning to determine how different organizations apply motivation theories to motivate employees, analyzing conflict management strategies and what approaches work best in different organizations will influence the success of an organization.
Motivation Theories and Organizational Behavior
Motivation is the concept of stimulating or arousing a person to achieve a goal. Motivation has much to do with desire and ambition, and if they are absent, motivation is absent too (What is Motivation and How to Strengthen It, para. 1). Motivation theories are unique to each organization. Some organizations have come up with motivation theories such as setting work goals, job performance evaluations, and fair treatment policies within the work environment to keep employees motivated. The impact that individuals, groups and structures have on behavior within organizations is Organizational Behavior. Motivation is affected by organizational behaviors, which is why different organizations apply motivation theories to motivate employees.
Applying Motivation Theories to Motivate Employees
Keeping workers motivated in today workplace can be not just a job, but also an adventure. In many organizations this is a challenge because the workplace is made up of a diverse cultural environment. Managers are still the driving force for any business and the responsibility and demand to acquire workers to comply and perform is tremendous. The manager’s main task is to develop a productive work environment, which creates job satisfaction. . In each organization this may vary based on each company’s Vision and Goals. The Two Factor theory (Hygiene Factors and Motivator Factors) are two tools that business uses concerning the development of ideas and tools to motivate workers. “Herzberg explained these results using the two-factor theory, also known as the motivator-hygiene theory, because this theory identifies two different factors as primary causes of job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction,” (Schermerhorn, Hunt, & Osborn, 2008, p115). In a nut shell, workers need positive motivators to be productive.
Many organizations today have to gain the trust and respect of their workers to convince them to be loyal to the company. A good tool or theory to use is persuasion, this helps the manager better communicate and develop the trust needed to establish the direction the company is heading. The ability to give financial incentives and recognition to some individual workers can go a long way in the workplace. Organizations have a variety of tools to jump-start and motivate their employees to ensure job...

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