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Motivation And Leadership Behavior Analysis Report For Hg

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Motivation and Leadership Behavior Analysis Report for HGExecutive SummaryThis report is written to analyze the managerial behavior of leadership and motivation of company HG's Chairman and CEO Young Chew.This report firstly provides the company background of HG and then presents the motivation and leadership methods of Young Chew with relevant theories. This is followed by critically evaluating the effective of the behavior introduced above in the two areas drawing on relevant research as well as my own practical experience. Finally, specific changes to the behaviors are recommended based on the problems presented in evaluation, and how these might result in improvements in managerial competence in the areas of leadership and motivation is explained.ContentsExecutive Summary1.0 Introduction2.0 Analysis of Motivation and Leadership Behavior by Young Chew3.0 Critical Evaluation4.0 Recommendation5.0 ConclusionReferences1.0 IntroductionThe HG was one of the world's leading white goods home appliance manufacturers. The global revenue of HG for 2006 was RMB 108 billion. Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Young Chew, HG manufactures home appliances in over 15,100 different specifications under 96 categories. HG products are now sold in over 100 countries around the globe.2.0 Analysis of Motivation and Leadership Behavior by Young ChewMotivation is the processes that account for an individual's intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal. Here motivation focuses on organizational goals in order to reflect singular interest in work-related behavior. Young Chew's philosophy is "Everyone is the talent; how well an employee can perform, how big the arena will be built by the company for him/her." According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the needs of people can be classified into five categories from low order needs to high order needs respectively: physical needs, security needs, social needs, ego needs and self-actualization needs (Robbins & Judge 2007). Young Chew's philosophy reflects the respect to staff and spurs them to realize self-realization. It can be said that Young Chew satisfies the needs of employees based on a high order needs. This kind of motivation is closely linked to performance.To motivate staffs to exert a high level of effort, Young Chew adopts a point system for production workers using the 3E (Everyone, Everyday, Everything) card, and, if an employee earns more points, he/she earns a higher wage and bonus. That means employee's daily wage is different everyday. This seems obvious that in relation to equity theory more input leads to more outcome, or else it is inequitable (Robbins & Judge 2007).Young Chew also adopts quality-check coupons as an additional motivation. Each employee has a quality-check coupon booklet with red and yellow coupons for rewards and penalties. The booklet lists all quality problems detected and provides guidelines for checking each defect. If an employee succeeded...

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