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Motivation And Study Strategies Essay

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Individuals can unravel effective study strategies by discovering what their learning style is and by embracing inspirational motivation skill. Motivational skills can trigger cognitive reasoning, and allow the mind to learn and become successful. As a group, we chose motivation and efficient study strategies, because these topics parallel with each other, illustrating the need for both to be victorious in academic goals. Negative motivators can prevent learning in one’s life. Motivation comes in all forms creating stimulation in the mind and body to complete a task. Motivation helps us to identify reasons for learning, helps to create productive organization skills, creates the desire for time-management dynamics, and generates positive support systems. Additionally, goal-setting abilities, monitoring emotions, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors in the process are all part of the motivation and study strategy process.

According to Boekaerts (n.d.) “Motivational beliefs act as a frame of reference that guides students’ thinking, feelings and actions in a subject area.” If a student believes that they are good at writing and enjoy reading poetry, they will usually be optimistic and willing to do quality work around that subject. Conversely, if a student believes that math is difficult, or they have been led to believe they do not excel in working with numbers, the level of motivation to complete an assignment is prone to be unfavorable. Boekaert believes that once a student has formed a particular view towards a subject, it may be difficult to shift their view and grades will reflect their view.
Ormrod (2008) discusses the individual differences in motivation, which include affiliation, approval, and achievement. The need for affiliation is based in the dislike for being isolated. A learning team would be ideal for the affiliation-based learner and they would most likely look forward to meeting with their group. However, the need to interact my lead to distraction for this learning type, as well as for their team members who function better working independently. Even those who are independent can be subject to problems if they rely on others to gain approval.
The student who craves approval can be subject to disappointment. “Some adolescents may be so preoccupied with peer approval that they base their own sense of self-worth largely on what peers think of them” (Ormrod p. 470.) A person who correlates their self-worth to approval of teachers, peers, and grades is destined to suffer from emotional highs and lows. Sometimes the demand for achievement is internally driven.
Achievement motivation is described as “the need for excellence for its own sake, without regard for any external rewards that one’s accomplishments may need.” The underlying stimulus in the achievement-motivated individual is either the desire for success, or the fear of failure. Interestingly, the fear of failure may lead a person with this characteristic to avoid...

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