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Some people think, to measure a company success, is base on the profit that this company earns. But nowadays, this attitude should be changed due to the market changing. To compare with before, profit is a important factor for a company, but it is not the most important. For a company staff has become the stanchion to decide company life. Under this background, motivation and reward system has been used for the company, but no two companies using the same motivation. Motivation and reward system help staff work more efficiency, also, the system can attractive more key staff, who have got high degrees or prefect skills. Motivation and reward system has become two important systems for company operation management. This report focus on these two systems, use two examples from mobile phone industry, to compare the differences with these two companies, and summaries the ideal motivation and reward system in writer's mind.

Nokia--principle on people

Nokia did not produce mobile phones when the company established, 130 years ago, Nokia is just a small paper making company. Now, all things have been changed. Nokia has got a big success in China market, and the total market share has rating to the first. Apart from correct strategy, motivation and reward let all staff confidence work efficiency for Nokia.

Salaries keep competition power in internal industry

In Nokia's opinion, an excellent reward system, not only has a balanced and reasonable efficient evaluation system, but also to have good competition power in internal industry competition. For example, in mobile phone industry, if level A staff can earn 5000RMB average, Nokia just give 3000RMB to level A staff, this can easily result in staff job-hopping, and this reward system has not any internal competition power. So salary should be higher than the same industry level is the basic strategy or operation management for Nokia reward system.

Comparative Rate to solve the problem operation cost with high salaries

We can find, higher salaries results in higher operation rate. In order to solve this problem, Nokia using a important parameter in reward system, that is comparative rate. The formula of this rate is : the average salary for Nokia staff/ average salary for industry level. If the result is bigger than 1, which means Nokia salary exceed industry same level staff salaries. If it is smaller than 1, which means salary are not exceed. This rate can help Nokia to balance the cost.

Higher salaries for high level staff

In Nokia reward system, these has a new theory called key staff management, basic on the level of staff, the salary will be higher or lower. The level of staff can get is come from general work record and motivation system award.

Local culture and humanization reward

"Spring festival 600RMB, new year200 RMB, Moon cake 300RMB, staff birthday 400RM etc."

All the activities shows the company respect and understand to staff, and "staff...

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