Motivation At Dell, Hewlett Packard, And Motorola

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OverviewThe state of Karnataka has been an acclaimed leader in the IT Industry and its state capital Bangalore revered as "Silicon Valley of India". Karnataka ranks well on E - Readiness scale and the state continues to flash as "leader" on the E - Readiness index. The state leads on the basis of the Environment, Readiness and Usage of IT.Under the umbrella of Karnataka Government's IT policy, efforts are being made to implement the government projects electronically and take benefits of Information Technology to the masses. Being an IT Hub, the state has excelled in rolling out various e - Governance applications. Numerous Government to Citizens (G2C), Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Business (G2B) projects are implemented in Karnataka. Some of them are Bhoomi ( Computerization of Land Records), Kaveri ( Computerization of Sub - Registrar Offices), Nemmadi (800 villages Tele call centres project), Bangalore - One , Khajane ( Computerization of Treasuries), e - Procurement, Human resource management system (HRMS), State Data centre, Sarige (Computerization of Regional Transport Offices (RTO), Commercial Tax, Rural Digital Services (RDS), PDS computerization etc.Karnataka is also in the process of implementing several other ambitious e -governance projects like establishment of rural tele centres, electronic procurement for government departments and state public sector organizations and setting up a State wide area Network.Centre for e-Governance, Government of Karnataka being the implementing agency for e-governance initiatives in the state, implemented State Wide Area Network (KSWAN), addressing the information communication needs of the Government and its departments. Both Nemmadi & KSWAN are being implemented using the PPP model. However adopting the PPP model has its own challenges, as it requires that the roles and responsibilities of both the Government and private partner are clearly laid out and Service Level Agreements (SLA's) for both parties are well defined. It also require that the performance of both the government and the private partner regarding their responsibilities and deliverables is monitored properly. Karnataka has been a pioneer in rendering e-services through Citizen Centres in both Urban and Rural Areas.Bangalore One and Karnataka One projects service citizens in Urban Areas and Towns, while the widely acclaimed Nemmadi (Peace of Mind) project services rural citizens through Tele Centres. Through Nemmadi centres, close to fifty integrated services are delivered, spanning not only various certificates, but also social benefits like Age Old Pension, Physically Handicapped Pension and also utility, Insurance Premium payments. The state is planning to rollout 4913 new Tele centres, and ensure one CSC for every Gram Panchayat in a PPP mode. Karnataka has secured several awards for its excellence in the field of e-governance like "CSI Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2008-09" (Award of Excellence-Project...

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4056 words - 16 pages Host database.7 Hummel, M. (2004). Dell plant busy day and night. Retrieved Jun. 05, 2005 Packard, D. (2005). Corporate objectives. Retrieved Jun. 05, 2008, from Hewlett-Packard Web site: Park, A. and Burrows, P. (2003). Michael Dell's secret weapon. Business Week. (3856), 84 . Retrieved June 04, 2008, from EBSCO Host database.

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