Motivation Basics Essay

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Motivation Basics
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Motivating other, in particular employees who work for you, is often the most difficult thing as a manager you will need to do. There are many myths and thoughts as to what may motivate employees. Does money motivate? Does recognition motivate? What about fear? Is someone motivated by something just because maybe you are? The answer to all these may vary depending on the employee.
First I will dispel some myths about motivation. The first myth is that a manager entirely motivates an employee. This is absolutely false. One can be influenced or steered in a certain direction but the employee essentially has to have some inner motivation and take action themselves. Therefore some aspect of self motivation needs to rest inside the individual you are seeking to motivate. As manager it is your job to find out what it is that motivates that employee and provide that atmosphere or environment for that individual. Another myth is that money motivates and employee. Money is definitely something that is desired by all. However money essentially just keeps employees from getting less motivated. Fear is also not a good motivator. Fear may get you what you want temporarily but it does not drive an employee to be motivated.
So what does motivate employees? I have been to many seminars on motivation, some good ones and some bad ones. Most of the good ones I attended focused on the primary key to motivation starting with the manager and their attitude. You as a manager are the key to displaying an enthusiasm along with your great job knowledge which in turns motivates employees. Enthusiasm is contagious. I truly believe this. Have you ever seen an enthusiastic manager not get at least get a positive reaction from 1 employee? If you have no enthusiasm for your job your employees will recognize it immediately. If you are not excited about your job how could you possibly expect your employees to be excited or enthusiastic? So the first step in motivating employees is for you to show enthusiasm and excitement about your job every day.
Another motivation factor is giving employees responsibilities and buy in. Employees don’t want to be told what to do and perform at a high level you expect just because you said they should. They will lose interest real fast if you don’t give them some type of responsibility or buy in to what you are trying to achieve. For example, as an organization we had been getting...

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