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Motivation In The Service Industry Essay

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Nearly everyone makes an impression on someone else everyday of his life. At the same time, nearly everyone isforming an impression of someone else. It happens inprivate life, in business, in offices, on farms, inschools, in government-wherever people are involved withpeople. It happens both unconsciously and consciously, andwith a purpose. There is no end to the process.You, as a manager in the service industries such as thehotel, resort, restaurant, or other travel business, arejudged not only by the good meal, the restful night'ssleep, or the weekend of fun that your guests enjoyed.You are judged also by the friendliness of your staff,their alertness, their attitude, how they look, and theway they do their job. What did your staff do to send asatisfied guest or customer on his way or bring him back?Your success in business will depend on how well you-themanager-build these impressions. How well you do this jobdepends on how well you can manage people-your employees.The most important asset of any business is its humanfamily of workers -managers and employees. Increasing thecapabilities and productivity of your staff is simplysmart business management. From the purely humanitarianstandpoint, it is also a moral obligation.Getting people to work for you and with you as a team-andkeeping them working is never simple. However, theseskills pay handsomely in many fields. They are anespecially important key to your success in the serviceindustries.MOTIVATIONHow to Motivate and InspireHow do you increase the business value of the people whowork for you? Above all, remember that they are people,each one an important part of your business family-notjust a cog in a human machine that goes through certainmuscular motions every day with time out for refueling andmaintenance. Remember that your staff has heart andbrains, feelings and ideas-and is made of the same rawmaterials as you. Their energies are there to be used fortheir own good and for yours.Some ways of harnessing these energies:1. Seeking and using your employee's own ideas.2. Keeping employees informed.3. Expressing personal interest in employees.4. Instilling pride in work well done.5. Providing effective supervision.These techniques are discussed in detail below. Theyconcern various methods of directing your employees towardyour main objective-building a profitable business bysatisfying guests and customers.As you put these techniques to use, you will find the jobonly half begun. The employee still needs more answers tothis very important personal question: "What is there init for me?" This is not a cynical question. It is anotherway of asking: "How much am I worth?" As owner or manager,you ask yourself the same question? So do your workers.And you must provide answers for them as well as foryourself.What incentives will you give them? Your success dependson your answer.Seeking and Using Employee's IdeasTo feel very much a part of the hospitality servicebusiness and to be given an incentive,...

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