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Motivation Letter Essay

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My penchant for computers started when I got my first personal computer at the age of 15. At the outset, I started out with playing games and doing all the fun stuff in the computer. It is when I learned about how the games are made, my enthusiasm has turned towards programming. Writing programs has become my passion and hobby since then and I’ve decided that my future is going to be with computers.
Schooling from one of the best schools in the state, SRV Boys higher secondary school, has given me an edge over my peers in various spheres of activities like communication and group activities. Also, I have always been the top performer throughout my school days which has earned me the Best student of the year award for 4 years in a row. I’ve matriculated with 94.6 % in the state level high school examination. This along with my ardent passion for computers has helped me secure admission into Computer Science Engineering at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, one of the oldest and finest engineering colleges in India, affiliated to Anna University. The Engineering course has opened the gateway for my journey towards my dream.
The comprehensive exposure that I gained during my undergraduate studies aroused my interests in subjects like Database Designing, Knowledge Engineering, Data mining and Data Warehousing. I was fascinated by the way the raw data gets stored and how this unstructured data can be used to extract usable information. This fascination has guided me to carry out a lot of projects related to these courses. One of those projects which I did in my pre-final year was Automatic Time Table generator. This application generates time tables on providing the number of hours and the number of professors handling the subjects. This was adjudged as one of the best projects of my college. My major project in my undergraduate study proposed a solution for LAN anomaly detection using Association Rule Mining of network’s usage pattern. This solution helps to identify and isolate the rogue systems inside the network. Furthermore, being a person who wishes to go the extra mile, I got certified as Oracle Database administrator Associate. My consistent and exhaustive approach to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand helped me achieve first class with distinction, upon graduation in May 2011.
In addition to my involvement in the technical front, I’ve also served as the Placement coordinator of my department and helped my peers get their dream jobs. I also played a prominent role in organizing the National Level technical symposium of our department ‘Tecuthsav’.Being the eldest sibling in my family, I have successfully been leading my family upon being confronted with many hardships, in the absence of my father. I strongly believe that these have contributed to my leadership skills, greatly moulding my character and certitude.
It was my passion for databases and data mining that brought me...

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