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Motivation Letter Essay

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Imagine a little girl watching on TV a documentary about an African tribe to which water was sacred because it was very scarce. That girl was me I was 8 years old and It was the first time I understood natural resources are limited and that we do not have the same water and food accessibility and accessibility. A few long time afterwards I started to be interested in the environmental and food issues and I became a Greenpeace volunteer against genetically altered organisms. Then, I read a story about the expectations in agriculture by 2050 and I realized that the planet needed solutions based on scientific knowledge like biotechnology. This and other experiences motivated my life plan and ...view middle of the document...

Also, I was very involved in conferences and meetings with young people to talk about climate change. In the scouts we did forums and chat under the stars about how to change the world. But I realized that we repeated the same as everyone said and If We really wanted to make a change we would improve our academic and intellectual preparation. Specially, if I wanted to work with nutrition and climate change I would learn many more things, so I decided to study a simultaneous bachelor: I chose Food chemistry. No as in other countries, but in Mexico it is almost impossible. I was studying in the two best universities in the country, I was sleeping 4 hours, and I was having excellent grades and traveling three hours from one university to another to get to class. But it all made sense. And this effort got me closer to my goals and to fill my curiosity. Then I chose my internship at Children's Hospital of Mexico that concentrates the most serious cases in the country. There I consult malnourished children and children with obesity. After 9 months I've noticed primary malnutrition is a consequence of poor availability of food and a bad nutritional education. I remember one case: It was a chiapas indigenous child, diagnosed with exacerbated chronic malnutrition and his mother was giving a sugar dairy beverage that cost the equivalent of one egg, two tortillas and 200 g of vegetables. I explained to the mother how she could give a more complete and adequate food to her child if she learned to choose the appropriated foods. Another day I diagnosed a malnutrition poor girl, her food consumption was based only on cereals, because she did not have accessibility to vegetables or fruits in her town. What to do in this cases where nutrition depends of the food chains and not about the nutritional education? And interestingly, I have noted that overweight and obese children had a feeding behavior similar to malnourished children. The two major nutritional problems stemmed from the same causes: food insecurity and poor dietary guidance.
If we improve the food chain we could combat these nutritional problems and gradually reduce poverty and inequities and also we will reduce a huge health cost to my country. But for that we must design policies based on evidence and scientific knowledge; I was part of the "Strategy against the obesity" and the "Brigade against hunger" policies in my country and I saw how they didn’t work, I saw the policies had many flaws. I do not want to remain part of poorly planned policies. I love my country and I love the world. And I think there is an urgent need to find practical solutions to improve the availability of food, improve the production of these and reduce the environmental impact from the food production.
All this experiences have inspired me to do a research project that will be my bachelor´s thesis. And I really would like in the future to continue working on the linkage of food production, nutrition and development. But...

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