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Motivation Over Money Essay

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In the cultural stirring pot that is America, ethnicities are extremely diverse, sometimes causing tensions between the races. Some were wronged in the past while others were given help to succeed, and now it is the country’s desire to make life more equal. The way the government tries to do this is by putting in effect Affirmative Action. This policy gives preference to races that were historically harmed and therefore stunted in ability to make more of their lives now. These minorities are given first choice in places such as the workplace or in educational institutions in order to make them more culturally diverse. In the comparison of two opposing views on the issue, I agree with the ...view middle of the document...

I think that both race and social status are oppressive factors, and maybe some people fall under both, intersectionally, but again race issues will become less over time without putting down another race in effort to fix it. The solution to the more broad socio-economic issue would be to put money towards programs that may train those who may not have the chance to attain and develop the same qualities that an affluent family may have. When every person has the same chance to achieve, race is null because there are other factors that are more important, such as knowledge, ability, or motivation.
Money can severely limit or enhance the opportunity to act on one’s desires, but motivation is a greater factor in life. If someone, of any race or social class, has a goal then the only thing stopping them from achieving it being told they cannot. Our society has set up aid for those who cannot supply for themselves, such as welfare, food programs, education programs, and scholarships, but these are all given under certain qualifications such as financial need or the requirement of an application – something that one has to put effort forth to receive and is not just given.
When colleges, for example, create quotas of how many people of a specific race they should admit, I feel that that system may prevent those who have earned their rank from being successful. In effort to include those minorities, society is being unfair to those who have worked to achieve their position. That mentality that it all comes down to race may cause someone to not put their best forward, limiting an individual’s potential, but also restricting the growth of our nation.
A person cannot choose what race they are, and are thrown into the life they live, so therefore the color of their skin should not be a factor in decision making. As Pojman says, when the effort is made to diversify, someone is consciously using people as a means rather than an ends (358). Using people as a means in this situation prevents them from earning their own place in the world. Diversity gives variety to a setting, but when the common goal is success, it takes the best qualified group to achieve that, without mention to ethnicity. ...

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