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Motivation, Partnership Between Employer And Employee

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Leaders and managers have always had one common problem, how to motivate the employee. Low quality of work is a reflection of low morale within the work force. The low morale has a common root cause of unmotivated employees. Unmotivated employees are likely to avoid their place of work and responsibilities. Motivated employees on the hand are, likely to be on time, be team players and creative. This attitude is what will raise morale within the ranks on the company. The million dollar question is what is the magic trick to inspire this trait called-motivation?

Definition of Motivation
Motivation comes from within each of us. It maybe our beliefs, ambitions, thoughts or goals, anyone of the following sparks and interest in our demeanor. The dictionary Webster's defines motivation as something inside people that drives them to action. This motivation varies from person to person for multiple reasons for example, culture, social influence and values. With this insight, motivation is the willingness to perform or work allowing leaders and managers to study how to motivate their people (Parks & Guay, 2009 November).
Employer engagement with the employee at the employee level is the foundations of understanding the diversity within the work force. When management is motivated to engage with the staff, personalities open up and enabling management to understand the intrinsic and extrinsic values of their workforce (Drake, Blake, & Swallow, 2009).
Employers have introduced different incentive programs to the workforce to stimulate their motivation. Managers also add to the programs by putting their own spin to help increase production. These programs are implemented under the impression that production will increase. Hear lies the major problem faced by employers these days, each employer's company is only as good as its employees' performance. There is a delicate balance of empowerment between employer and employee.
To retain the desired workforce employers must, establish a positive image; meanwhile, they must know what is required to motivate the team. A double edge sword comes into play, too much of one or too little of the other will cause a company to go out of business. Use of the proper technique to satisfy the employee’s needs while achieving the company...

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