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There are three individuals Ella, Marcelo, and Masoko who are trying to gain a promotion at their place of employment. Motivated employees are needed at all workplaces. Motivated employees help their companies and place of employment survive. Managers need to know what motivates their employees. Of all of the duties of an employer motivating employees arguably is the most complex. This is due, to the part of what motivates employees which changes constantly (Bowen& Radhakrishna, 1991).Each individual is motivated to gain a job promotion using three theories of motivation. The three theories of motivation are biological, psychosocial an interactionist theories of motivation. Motivation is a reason or set of reasons for engaging in a particular behavior.

Ella’s motivational drive to gain a promotion is based on the biological theory of motivation. The biological theory of motivation that Ella is driven by is achievement motivation. She is trying to gain a promotion by incorporating biology. All people are born with innate tendencies that are programmed at birth; these innate tendencies are in our genes that we use for achievement. Ella will use her basic needs of survival to gain her job promotion. Ella is motivated based on the biological theory of motivation achievement motivation because Ella wants to achieve a job promotion. Ella will do whatever it takes. Ella will master all of the necessary skills that it takes to perform her job and outperform others (her colleagues). Ella will be as creative and as productive as she can be in her job performance. Performance is considered to be a function of ability and motivation. Ella’s ability to gain the promotion should depend on her ability, education, experience and trainings. Ella will select tasks with clear objectives, be responsive to constructive criticism, will struggle to complete a task before she gets help, and wait for delayed gratification using achievement to accomplish her goal of gain her job promotion Ella’s motivation is driven by an external and internal rewards. Externally the job promotion will provide a pay increase for Ella and internally if she gains the promotion Ella has been approved my others and this promotion will hopefully boost her self esteem. Emotions will be served as a motivator for Ella because she has a fear of not achieving her task of gaining her job promotion.Ella will do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Marcelo’s motivational drive to gain a promotion is based on the psychological theory of motivation. The psychological theory of motivation that motivates Marcelo is completing interesting work. Interesting work is one of the most important motivational factors. The psychological theory of motivation that motivates Marcelo is driven by Marcelo’s psychological processes. Marcelo psychologically enjoys his job and what he does. Marcelo’s motivation to get a job promotion is driven by the psychological process that gives behavior purpose...

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