Motivation Robot Repercussion Case Study Report

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SummaryManley Manufacturing, Inc., is studying the benefits that can result from increasing its use of industrial robots so Manley Principal, which he is the Vice President of industrial relations, meet with Kenny stoppum, president of the labor union local representing most of the company's industrial employees , to discusses the resulting impact of computer-integrated robotic systems on employment, workers, and jobs.Principal then listed the major advantages associated with robots:Improved quality of product due to the accuracy of robots.Reduced operating costs, as the per-hour operational cost of robots was about one third of the per-hour cost of wages and benefits paid to an average employee.Reliability improvements, as robots work tirelessly and don't require behavioral support.Greater manufacturing flexibility since robots is readily reprogrammable for different jobs.Make the company more competitive, which would allow the company to grow and increase its work force.On the other hand the union believes that the company is giving their jobs to robots in order to reduce the labor force. So they intend to bargain the following contract provisions:Establishment of labor-management committees to negotiate in advance about the labor impact of robotic technology and, of equal importance, to have a voice in deciding how and whether it should be used.Retraining rights for workers displaced, to include retraining for new positions in the plant, the community, or other company plants.Work to be spread among workers by use of a four-day work week or other acceptable plan as an alternative to reducing the work force.The problemThe company needed an implementation plan that satisfies both side the company and the union's demands.The plan1. The company can grow and be more competitive by the use of robotic system for several reasons they mentioned:Improve quality of product due to robot accuracyReduce operating costs by two thirdsThe robot will not take any salary; only the cost that we will pay when we buy it and maintenance cost, that cost are less than the wages paid to an average employee.Reliability ImprovementsThe robot work tirelessly and don't require behavioral support.Greater manufacturing flexibilityThe robot is readily reprogrammable for different jobs.Creating a Labor- Management Committee to discuss all management decisions and their impacts on both parties to reach a solution acceptable by both parties. This committee is made of employee from each department or division, each division in the manufacture should select one to represent them in the labor-management committee.This committee main job is the use of employee suggestion by creating questionnaires passed to all employees, for example, on which task should be done by robots, by using this strategy:Employees will feel more Satisfaction that they are being heardA feeling of Job security will be acquired, since they are going to use their suggestion in the position that will place by...

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