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Motivation TechniquesI worked for a company for two years and it was a motivational disaster. I haveworked in the retail business since high school. And I have noticed many similarities inthese companies. Most of them did not understand how to motivate their employees.Spiller, Rodger. 2001.The New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development (NZBCSD), June 2001Sherman, Arthur W.1998. Managing Human Resources (11th ed.) South-Western Publishing Co.Pava, Moses.1995. Corporate Responsibility and Financial Performance. London. Quorum Books.43-45.Madsen, P. 2002. Managing Values: A Systematic Approach to Business Ethics. Training and Development Journal. 53-60.Eye, David E.1999.1,001 Ways to Inspire. New York Publishing.Their idea of motivation was ruling with an iron claw. Since attending college andlearning that people truly have different needs. And if their needs are not taken care ofproductivity of any organization will decline. The last organization I worked for do nottreat their employees as equals. Instead mangers would use this philosophy, I am incharge so do as I say otherwise quit know or forever hold your peace. This was not ahealthy organization to work for. There was a high turnover rate and mangers keptwondering why their employees were constantly calling out sick. This problem needed tobe handled right from the top of the organization. Unfortunately, theorganization did not take care of the matter when I was working there and this was whenI knew it was time for me to move on. Hopefully, the organization can realize that theyhave a problem before its is too late. Most people are driven when they are working in ahealthy organization.There are people out there in the workforce that believe they are obligated to dotheir best at their job simply because that is what is expected from all of us as humans.On the other hand there are those out there that want to only do as much as they can getaway with doing. No matter which one of these employees you are or are working withcompanies and employer's need to understand the concept of motivation. Motivationcomes in many forms such as money, benefits, or simple recognition within. Motivationalso leads to higher productivity and profit and that is what we are all looking for inbusiness. The key to unlocking peak performance from your work force is the concept ofhuman motivation. And the key to motivation revolves around one fundamental principle:"What's in it for me?" (WIIFM). We've all been socialized to believe that only "selfish"people consider "What's in store for me." When in reality all people are motivated firstby self-interest. The word selfish is used as a negative label for someone's perceivedbehavior. Understanding the concept of self-interest is perhaps the only way we willunderstand our need to achieve. Self-interest or feeling good about your self is afundamental ingredient of motivation. When you work an extra hour, not on the clock,you are doing it for one real reason. It...

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507 words - 2 pages is found in many current pictures as well. The close-up, point-of-view, and shot motivation techniques help the director to narrate the film and keeps the audience more interested in the story. Michael Curtiz uses these methods is "Casablaca" to add to this award winning film, and to make it a classic in America cinema.

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