Motivation Techniques For Businesses To Motivate The Work Force

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Motivation Techniques for Businesses to Motivate the Work Force


For this assignment I am going to look at different motivational
techniques that businesses use in order to motivate their work force,
I will then decide on which I feel to be the most effective and why it
is so effective.


All businesses want a motivated workforce, and expend a lot of time
and money in order to attempt to achieve this, what these people need
to look at is the common goals that there employees hold, for example:

Self-esteem: needs for self -respect and self-confidence, for
autonomy, for achievement, for competence, for knowledge.

Status: needs for recognition, for appreciation, for the deserved
respect of others.

These needs tend to be at the top of most employees priority list,
once these are fulfilled the employee will be happy and therefore
motivated, e.g. if a worker is appreciated and competent in their job,
they tend to be happier and therefore more highly motivated, but if
they do not fully understand their job, and do not feel appreciated
for what they do, they tend to feel unhappy and under perform.

It is only recently that employers have learnt to be more like coaches
then law enforcement officers in the workplace, they have discovered
that it is far more effective to praise an employee rather than punish
them, and give them constructive criticism rather than shout at them

Another factor that strongly affects employees' motivation is
security, if an employee feels secure in their job, i.e. have a
permanent position there than they will be a lot happier and therefore
hold a much higher state of motivation.

Motivation Techniques

Utilising peoples competitive nature is an excellent way to encourage
employees to work to the best of their standards, for example by
giving commission to sales people, this means that they receive a
percentage of the price of each product that they sell, then, to add
competition you can use an 'incentive', for example a bonus that goes
to the employee who sells the most of one product in a month, this
bonus must be something that the employees will really work for and
want to obtain, such as extra paid holiday days, or money etc.

In order for a worker to feel happy, they must be in the right
environment, if they do not feel happy in the area they are working in
then they may be tempted not to come at all. If a worker does not get
on with his/her colleagues and are possibly picked on by them than
this will cause them to be highly unmotivated, the same goes if the
place they are working in is clean or sanitary, for example if a chef
is working in a very dirty kitchen in which they have to spend a...

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