Motivation To Succeed In Ur College Years

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Ask any person who is successful in whatever he or she is doing what motivates him/her, and very likely the answer will be "goals". Goal setting is extremely important to motivation and success. So what motivates you? Why are you in college? If you are in college because that's what your parents want, you may find it difficult to motivate yourself. Sure, it's possible to succeed with someone else providing the motivation for you. ("If you graduate from college, I'll give you a car!" or worse "If you don't graduate from college, you won't get a car.") But motivation that comes from within really makes the difference.Certainly, you need some intelligence, knowledge base, study skills, and time management skills, but if you don't have motivation, you won't get far. Think about this analogy. You have a car with a full tank of gas, a well-tuned engine, good set of tires, quadraphonic CD system, and a sleek, polished exterior. There it sits. This car has incredible potential. (Have you heard that before?) However, until a driver sits behind the wheel, puts the key in the ignition, and cranks it up, the car doesn't function. You guessed it; the KEY is MOTIVATION.Interest is an important motivator for a student. So is a desire to learn. When you link these two things together, you create success. Often success in an endeavor leads to more interest and a greater desire to learn, creating an upward spiral of motivation toward a goal you have established.So be honest with yourself. Are you genuinely interested in being in college? Have you set realistic goals for yourself? How can you develop the internal motivation that really counts? When it comes to motivation, KNOWING is not as important as DOING.Reaching Your GoalsLots of times I kind of guffaw at all this goal setting stuff. People ask, "What are your goals?" and it seems like whoever can list the most goals wins. All they are doing is telling all the things they want but they may never get there. What people really need to ask is, "What will you do to make sure you reach your goals?" Having these goals will help motivate you to do something.Anyway, let me tell you what this goal business is all about. It's actually pretty neat. There are three main steps to getting to where you want to go.First, there's the dreams.We do this all the time. However, sit down and write it out. By writing it you will get a better idea of where you really want to go. Think about how you would like to be. Imagine yourself at the end of the quarter or the end of the year or maybe in five years. What do you see? How do people see you? What are you doing? Are you successful?How do you know?I'll give you an example. This is my first year away at college and away from home. I hope my first year is a good one. I really want to have as good an experience at college as possible. I'd like to do pretty well with grades and I really hope my parents are proud of me. I'm going to really miss my little sister. I hope a year from now she...

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