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Motivation Towards A Postive Education System

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    The American education system is like a failing government, and almost every president has realized this.   Sadly, many Americans don’t realize how far this educational “government” is in the toilet. In the last twenty years, America has gone from being #1 in high school education to a place where only 25% its of high school graduates are ready to go to college (11 Facts About Education in America). What happened? Our country lost the hunger for knowledge and value for education that it once had. To resolve this, our educational system needs to become a trichotomy where students are the presidents, the teachers and principals are Congress, and parents judge the system’s productivity.
    Just like a president controls their country, students should be at the head of our educational system. Like a president, in order for a student to do anything, they must be taught how to do their job, or in this case, how to learn. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) intend to do this. The plan integrates and overlaps the curriculum of social studies and science with early literacy skills (Hirsch). Also, with Common Core, teachers will no longer be able to spoon feed their students information. Removing this will allow the students to learn for themselves In Finland they also teach their children this skill from an early age by encouraging early literacy (D'Orio). However, Finland has been using their system for much longer, and are now second in education to Japan. Common Core could put America in the number one spot. f The idea that our students are competing with Finland proves a major difference between the American education today, and what it was twenty years ago when America was #1: education, back then was very local, while students are now competing on a global level. It also presents a challenge to our students that they are not prepared to accept. The only way to prepare them for these challenges is to motivate them to walk towards them.
    In order to motivate its students, America needs more focused teachers. In order to motivate and focus the teachers, we need to provide the incentive or eliminating, or revising, tenure. Teaching is the only profession where the professionals are almost guaranteed a job after only a few years into their practice. While tenure does protect good teachers, it also protects the bad ones. Educational activist Geoffrey Canada said, “(Canada) Teachers need to know that they will not be fired arbitrarily, but the current tenure system in many school systems has gone too far. A system that favors seniority and ignores merit sends a terrible signal to anyone thinking about teaching.” He was right. Tenure, if it should still exist, should be given as a reward to teachers that have proved their worth.
     Just like the president and Supreme Court can veto laws, students and parents should be able to eliminate teachers who are not...

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