Motivational Factors Affecting Cultural Heritage Tourism In The Philippine Setting

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Graph 1

The graph above (Graph 1) shows why people are motivated to travel. It can be seen in the graph that relaxation (39%) is their reason that they are motivated the most because it is what comes first to their mind when they hear the word vacation or tour. Stress is the main reason people engage themselves to travel. Due to the stressful life in the city or hometown, they are encouraged to travel to destinations that meet their desires. The next highest selection (32%) is family togetherness. This shows that the respondents value their strong family connection as Filipino citizens. Education (17%) goes after family togetherness since cultural heritage tourism involves ...view middle of the document...

Graph 3

The third question raised was “What type of activities motivates you to visit a certain place?” Sight-seeing and recreational activities are the top activities according to the respondents because it is also considered as forms of relaxation which happened to be the top motivator in Graph 1. “Marketing professionals sometimes refer to these two forms of motivation as ‘push’ factors and ‘pull’ factors ---- that is, the tourist is being pushed into a holiday by the need to get away from their everyday environment, but the other factors may be at work to pull, or encourage, them to travel to specific destination.“ (Holloway & Humphreys, 2012). The push factor in travel motivation includes relaxation and nostalgia. These are the popular and most common reason why people travel. On the other hand, Educational tours got the lowest rank for the reason that the itineraries are limited as well as the time and they don’t have freedom to do what they desire.

Graph 4

The researchers also asked the respondents if they already experienced attending cultural tour and if they want to visit cultural heritage places in the Philippines. The result of the first question show that the majority of 21 out of 25 respondents already experienced attending a cultural tour. Attending an educational tour is one of the factors why people are able to experienced attending a cultural tour.

Graph 5

The results of the second question indicate that majority of the respondents (80%) like to visit cultural heritage places in the Philippines because of the artifacts and intangible attributes that are inherited from generations that are maintained in the present to benefit the future generations. On the other hand, some of the respondents (16%) answered maybe seeing that they lack background on the cultural heritage sites in the...

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