Motivational Theory And Application Essay

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Motivational Theory and ApplicationThere are as many motivational theories as there are people to motivate. We focus on two dissimilar theories, which initially seem in opposition to each other. Through proper development and application, we see the ability to use both in the merger/acquisition scenario. The anticipated outcome of using both theories is the generation of a new and stronger organization than is possible by choosing one of the previous organizational structures. Using a work motivation survey, we explore the applicability of our idea.Managers in any organization must set goals to achieve the organization's mission. They can define goals as a desirable objective that is to be achieved. There are two reasons or purposes to use goals in the workplace: (1) goals are useful in framing and managing motivation, (2) goals can be an effective control device. Robbins states, "That specific goals lead to increased performance and that difficult goals, when accepted, result in higher performance than easy goals." (Organizational Behavior, 2001).Reflecting back to my military days, I can relate to Robbins statements. As a senior noncommissioned officer, I supervised several soldiers, and the harder the task, the better their behavior, and their performance was at its highest level. A prime example while stationed in Germany was training and preparing to deploy to South East Asia. The goal was to train the soldiers for dessert warfare. The training tasks were routine and boarding during training however, once we actually deployed, and survival became the goal, you could see an immediate change in their attitude and motivation. This goes back to the more difficult the goal the higher the performance.There are several elements of the Goal-Setting Theory. Specifying what the goal is, acceptance of the goal, participation in reaching the goal, and performance feedback. As mentioned earlier, survival was the goal on the battlefield, but in the civilian sector, obtaining the competitive edge is survival in the business world. Another way to ensure the organizational goals are met, is to develop a compensation system that rewards those who contribute to the organization's mission, and achieving the goals of the organization. Those who participated in achieving goals, will accept the added responsibility even if the goals are difficult and demanding because they were allowed in the decision making process by having a voice in the matter.Generally, people who feel that are stakeholders of an organization's goal will work toward the achievements of those goals. In my department, the tag office is gearing up to issue the new license plates. This is a phonemically task because there are more than 200,000 vehicles registered in Muscogee County. The goal for us was to receive the tags, inventory the tag, and store the tags in less than five hours. We formed a committee, we discussed the goals, we informed every committee member of the...

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