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Motocross Essay

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Ryan Petrin2/6/14English 115 Paragraph essayThere is no feeling like coming out of the gate and getting to the corner first. The noise of all the bikes makes your heart start to jump. When the 30 second sign turns and we are getting ready to start, it is just like tunnel vision for me. The best way to look at motocross is just to think it is a person and a bike. In order to be a successful racer, the rider is going to have practice every day, try not to crash, and make sure the bike is set up the right way.People say that motocross is not that hard, but it is actually one of the most labor intensive sport in the world. People have intense schedules for practice so they can stay in shape. They bike mile after mile and lift weights so they will not get arm pump when they are racing. They usually have their own private track to practice on whenever they can. When they race, the rider always have to be ready for anything and never underestimate what can happen.The rider can be in a zone and come around a corner and get kicked sideways and crash. A lot of good riders say that if you don't crash or make mistakes, you are not going fast enough. When riders crash people say that they should try to tuck their head so that they do not land and break their neck. Even with all of the gear that we wear, injuries are...

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1369 words - 5 pages Marketing” breaks down qualities of a sports marketer including a creative mind and a competitive edge. In addition, the article emphasizes that a sports marketer needs experience and promotion to have success. Jordan Powell writes in his article about Matt Piva, titled “Matt Piva’s Journey Into The Industry” that the successful motocross driver, Matt Piva has dedicated himself to the field of sports marketing and continues to participate in the sport he

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662 words - 3 pages it is. Join a Club You should join one or more of the national racing organizations in order to participate in their rides and races. One is the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the mac-daddy of motorsports racing events, from little kids' motocross to International Moto GP championships. For more races at the amateur level (they have Pro Series' as well), contact WERA Motorcycle Roadracing. WERA headquarters are in Canton, GA but

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1953 words - 8 pages they affect the consumer’s purchasing decision. In Monster’s case, they use skateboarders and motocross figures to represent and popularize their beverage. For example: Austin Poyner and Raven Tershy whom are professional skateboarders and Brett Rheeder and Ryan Villopoto are motocross champions. Word of Mouth: Monster Energy gains recognition and socio influences through people’s conversations. This type of influence is by far one of the most

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841 words - 4 pages AMA super cross has been around for a very long time. Since the early 1970s when the first race was in the super bowl and it was called super bowl motocross but then came the term and the start of supercross. In supercross these were tight cornering tracks with big jumps rhythm sections, and woops sections. The bikes that were first ever ran on these tracks were 2 stroke meaning they are high rpm bikes which of the time were the fastest bikes

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725 words - 3 pages turned red and I could see that soon as the light would change so would he. As he looked over at me the engine in his car gave a deep thunder roar, and I couldn’t help but so the same. As soon as the light turned green we were both took off like we no regrets. Speeding through traffic and over exceeding the speed limit, we were crossing through cars like it was a Motocross race, but sooner or later the fun had to stop somewhere. As we blew through a


839 words - 4 pages regarded as futuristic( Magnesium, Titanium and Aluminum alloy), motocross gained the attention of many, quickly becoming a sport that combines physical and mental endurance with powerful machines. Extreme is a term that varied little across ages. When referring to sports ‘activities, it always meant pushing one’s body and mind to the limits while being exposed to high risks. As far as extreme sports go, the Ancient civilizations had a good idea of

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1017 words - 4 pages in battle. There are many different professional racing circuits, varying from street racing, drag racing, motocross, ice racing, and trail riding. Also, many people like to ride motorcycles for leisure. Pretty much anyone can have one so the are very abundant in the world today. As shown, motorcycles have changed and evolved a great deal over the past hundred plus years. Companies continue to improve past improvements making better and better

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1292 words - 6 pages BMX, Motocross events, Snowboarding events, etc. The Monster Beverage Corporation also backs athletes to help them make their passion into a career as well as bands to support their tours and bring them to your state. They also throw massive parties and other events for their consumers to enjoy and reward the collection of Monster tabs with limited edition merchandise. They have chosen to use very little television ads but they have made some over

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1059 words - 4 pages less about the motocross race going on right next to me, there could have been a massive bike pile up and it wouldn’t have brought me out of this odd trance. Regarding looks, he seemed absolutely perfect. His skin was a nice tan probably from riding in the sun, his eyes were piercing blue and he was the perfect height. I quickly realized that I had been ignoring the customer that I was currently helping, and kept stealing glances his way to take

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1662 words - 7 pages Coming up to a jump about to go airborne but then smash! He crashes into the dirt breaking his leg and part of his knee, but he has no support. This is where you would go to Road 2 Recovery(R2R) for help. There are many foundations out there to help people with sport problems, but there are only a few to help with dirt biking. This is why The Road 2 Recovery foundation is a dedicated program to help AMA professional motocross and supercross

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600 words - 2 pages before you buyone. Of course, if you are not into going fast and jumpingin the motocross races there are different kinds of races.The first actual motocross race was held in the late 60s.One other kind of race is an enduro race. In these races youhave to go long distances and usually travel at night.Another race is a blackwater race. In these races you need abig bike, at least 250cc. You go through rivers, thickforests, and small obstacles

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1215 words - 5 pages ;      Not all people use dirt bikes for sport. Some people need their dirt bikes for work. “Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ride Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki dirt bikes instead of horses.';(Motocross, 128) Forest rangers take dirt bikes out on patrol. Some cowboys even herd cattle from the seats of their dirt bikes. “Workers also travel deep into the woods on dirt bikes to repair