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Electric motors are one of the highly used electrical devices both in the industries and in the residential places. Nearly all electrical systems that have drives use electric motors to make the drives move. The electric motors are of diverse nature. Nevertheless, these devices are broadly categorized as either DC motors or AC motors. DC motors are powered using direct current (DC) whereas AC motors are powered using Alternating Current (AC). Often, AC motors are induction motors whereby power is transferred from one circuit to another inductively. Structurally, these motors have a stator that is fixed and an interior freeing-to rotate part called the rotor. Both the rotor and stator have ...view middle of the document...

These steps are elaborated here below.
1. It is a rule to always have a clean working space before you start any motor rewinding process. This being the case, as a rewinding technician you need to clean the bench and create an enough working space. Then you need to put within reach all the necessities you need in the rewinding process. These necessities include the tools, copper wires, insulation paper and varnish
2. Once the working environment is conducive, you take the damaged motor and before dismantling it, you are supposed to thoroughly inspect it. This is very crucial to ensure that after the rewinding process, the motor is assembled back properly as it was originally. This inspection also entails recording the outer details provided on the motor’s nameplate.
3. This step involves careful dismantling of the motor whereby the root cause of the burning of the motor is assessed. It is here also where you need to determine whether it is worth to rewind the motor wholly or it is only a minor service needed. If the damage has destroyed more than one portion of the winding, you need to rewind it fully otherwise a minor servicing is needed. This step also involves collection of the internal details of the motor, which include determining the number of slots in the motor, the number of sets forming the windings, coils’ number per set, type of insulation material used and the terminating connection of the windings. These details should tally with what was recorded from the motor’s nameplate before dismantling.
4. Upon determination that the motor needs to be wholly rewound, cut the windings and removes them from the slots. This is done carefully so that the further details, which include counting the number of wire turns in each coil and measuring of the size of the wire used.
5. The motor is normally untidy after the removal of the windings and hence needs to be cleaned before rewinding. Petro is used to clean so that the burn effects are completely removed.
6. Motor rewinding insulation paper is cut appropriately and placed in each slot.
7. It is at this step where you prepare the wire turns for each coil using the details you recorded in step four. Once the turns are ready for each coil, you lay the coil in the slots appropriately using the details of step three.
8. Once the coils are in place as per the specifications, the right terminating connection is done as had been recorded and then bound carefully to avoid any fault.
9. Vanish is then applied to strengthen the binding. Since the varnish needs to dry, the wound part is left to dry for nearly twelve hours.
10. You can assemble the motor back after the wound part has dried up. The assembling should be done carefully to avoid causing any other fault.
11. At this level the assembled motor is tested. The testing involves first checking whether there is any earth fault and then checking the amount of amperes the motor is drawing when it is not loaded with anything. This rating should...

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