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Industry and Society Aim To investigate the effects of the technological impact on the motor industry.Introduction Over the past twenties Years technological development in the motor industry has been rapid. With the introduction of semiconductor technology, vehicles have become more sophisticated and complex, indications are that this trend will continue to gather pace. But what effect will this have on the retail and repair sector of the industry in which we work? There are many benefits to the customer who wishes to purchases vehicles equipped with high technology, such as: (a) Reduced servicing frequency (b) Improved reliability (c) Reduced maintenance costs (d) More choice (e) More ...view middle of the document...

For this assignment I am going to give you examples for marketing and servicing procedures etc. from Halfords, as I work for this company.A fairly crucial part of any business is letting people know of you and your offers, the best way to do this is by advertising. Advertising can be done in a number of ways such as radio, television and newspapers or magazines amongst others. Halfords have chosen newspapers and magazines as their main choice of advertising, they have had several adverts in local and national papers, especially over the Christmas period advertising for cycles car parts and the garage servicing. In the adverts for garage servicing they list offers, which they are doing over the Christmas period such as "˜winter safety checks', by using the words "˜winter' and "˜safety' that is appealing to the customer who wants to make sure that their car is safe and road worthy through the winter period. Halfords also offer a range of offers and checks all the year round such as free checks like free brake checks, special offers such as by one get one free, this usually applies to tyres and they offer special discounts for certain customers who have a membership with The AA such as ½ price mot's or ½ price mot's with major services. These offers aren't as widely advertised as the cycles and car parts, but I think it's the choice of words used in the advertisements like "˜free' and "˜Â½ price' that catch a customer's eye and there is always word of mouth as well from the customers to other potential customers.In the store department of the company, the shop comes across a problem called "˜product obsolescence', this is when a product has stopped being made for some reason, which is up to the manufacturer, another word for this is discontinued. If the shop has any of this stock left it is in their best interests to try and sell it as soon as possible, they can do this by reducing the price of the product or using what it called link selling, for example, if the product that has been made obsolete is an oil filter wrench, if a customer comes in to the shop looking to buy an oil filter the sales assistant can try and link sell an oil filter wrench, as they might need the wrench to remove the old filter. In theory this is a very good idea, but once put into practise it is very difficult to try and make the customer buy something they didn't come in for in the first place.As Halfords is quite a big organisation development of products is very important, there are various ways this can be done: Development of Halfords brand product "" Halfords produce quite of lot of the stock they sell, the make everything from oil filters to spanners, foot pumps to headlight bulbs, so its getting more difficult to come up with new ideas, but recently Halfords have started selling cabin filters for cars, this is a fairly new idea because before hand the only other place to by a cabin filter...

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